Authors, Publishers, and Publicists as writers we would be able to give a unique prospective on your YA books and are more than happy to review them under the following policies.

We read all genres in YA fiction: dystopian, science fiction/fantasy, contemporary, steampunk, paranormal, etc.

Please send all book submissions to oasisforya (@) gmail (.) com. We will only publish reviews for authentic books received from publishers and/or authors.  These will be distributed in as careful a manner as possible to our reviewers.
When submitting books for review, please include the following book information:  title, author, publisher, genre, length of book (number of pages preferred), and explanation if the book contains any objectionable material.   Blurbs should be included in the body of the email.  If book files are sent along with the blurbs, it allows us to process requests and send the books to our reviewers in a timelier manner.  Several of our reviewers use ebook readers, so PDF files need to be “convertible” to txt or another format needs to be sent.
Keeping the reader in mind, we remain impartial when writing our reviews. We believe in honesty and each review is the subjective opinion of the individual reviewer. Our reviews will support our ratings and our ratings will be fair.
Due to the high volume of review requests that we receive, we cannot guarantee that every book that is submitted will receive a review. Once a book is received by one of our reviewers, we will make every effort to have a quick turnaround time on the review and guarantee that the review will be posted within six weeks.
In addition:
We reserve the right to not review any book at our discretion.
Our reviews are written with the reader in mind and so we cannot guarantee that every book will receive a glowing review.
Permission is granted to the author, publisher or designated agent to use our reviews in either their entirety or in partial snippets as long as the reviewer and Oasis for YA are referenced.  The rights to all reviews published at Oasis for YA are owned by Oasis for YA and are subject to copyright laws.
We will post our reviews here on the Oasis any other venue is up to the author, publisher, or designated agent.    Our ratings:    
5 Palm trees:  A must read!  Excellent!  If our review didn’t have a word number requirement, we’d simply say “READ THIS BOOK- YOU’LL LOVE IT!”
4 Palm Trees: This was an awesome book! We really think you are going to like it! We're really glad we took the time to read this book and you will be too!
3 Palm Trees: Enjoyable.  It didn’t keep us riveted but we enjoyed it.  
2 Palm Trees: Okay.  It had some good parts and some bad but they didn’t strike an even balance.
1 Palm Tree : We read it, but wish we hadn’t. Thank you for considering Oasis for YA to review your book! We know how hard you worked on your book, and we will do our  best to get the word out for you.
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