Tuesday, November 09, 2010

TUESDAY TUNES: Creating a Playlist

Many MANY author sites seem to have some sort of playlist for their novels (whether they are published or not!) There's just something about music that immediately sets the tone for reading and understanding what the novel is about. But how do you create one?

One of the easiest sites is iLike.com ... First you need to register (super easy to do) and then select "Create a Playlist".

You'll title your playlist and then search for songs by title or artist. You can even search by generic terms related to your novel. Click on the arrow button to hear the song, and if you want to use it for your playlist, click on the plus sign.

After your playlist is complete, copy the URL or grab the embed code and add it to your site!

It took me less than five minutes to sign up and create this playlist for Shoreline (mostly based on songs I listened to while writing the manuscript!)

Have you used iLike? Are there other applications that work better?


  1. Thanks for the tip Nikki. I love creating playlists for my manuscripts so I'm definitely trying out this website!

  2. umm... how did I not know about this site? I just create sub-playlists on iTunes, but that doesn't help me FIND the songs in the first place. thanks for the tip!

  3. I haven't tried iLike, but I love playlist.com. Other times, I just listen to the playlist on my iTunes. Love the American Idol love you're showing on your playlist, btw. :)

  4. that was super easy! Thanks, Nikki! :o) <3

    I did this for the first time w/my latest book, and while I didn't listen *while* writing, it did keep me in the mindset of my characters and how I wanted the story to go. Thanks again~

  5. Pam, can you tell me I'm an AI junkie!!!

  6. LTM, I'm the same way - I can't really write with music on. Sometimes edit (if I need to get in a certain mood) but writing requires pure silence!


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