Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Sanctuary: Falling leaves.

This time of year puts a big old smile on my face, brings out the impish side of me.

School is in full swing. The sweet strands of the marching band practice drifts through the air. Friday nights are punctuated the with the whoops of the football crowd. Is there any better time of the year?

Why do they call this season Fall? When the temperature drops my spirits soar. When green trickles from the leaves, the trees flood in rich waves of earthy russets, oranges and gold. Ovens fire up and pies, cakes, cookies are baked. Garden harvests are canned and stored. Fall is not the season of dying away, it is the season of renewed life and productivity, of sounds carrying, of kitchen bustling.

So, in your busy life of school and work and trying like mad to fit writing in, remember what Fall brings. Take time to smell the wonderful pies your character might be baking. Take time to describe the rich earthy colors your hero sees when he's invited in to meet her parents for the first time. Take time to listen and share with your readers the sounds brought so clear through the crisp Autumn air. Take time to start new projects, pack them into files and store them for later.

Fall is my kind of sanctuary.

The winner of Miriam Gershow's The Local News is... *drum roll*
JUSTINA IRELAND! Ms Awesomesauce herself.

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