Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TUESDAY TUNES: The quirks are showing...

For this addition of Tuesday Tunes, I asked the girls what the quirkiest, most unique song was in their playlist or music files. I figure, we're all writing for teens and seem to favor paranormal or sci-fi/dystopian--but we all have our differences, different voices, different ways to approach telling the stories, and that has to show up somewhere. Plus... I'm nosey. ^_^ Well, the replies rolled in, and I'm sharing them ALL with you.

Pigs in Zen, Jane's Addiction. I usually use this song to motivated me when I'm looking to write a scene with lots of energy or insert crazy humor.

Outside of songs from the Strawberry Shortcake soundtrack and the Wiggles (all on my iPod for the kids) I’d have to say my most unique song in my writing folder is “I Was Broken” by Robert Pattinson, an acoustic version he sang in a club that made the rounds on the Internet. And there you have my secret celebrity crush that’s not really that big of a secret, considering I used to run a fan site for him! I don’t really use it to write any particular scene, it’s just in rotation with tons of other songs.

I'd say that the most unique song on my list is Dance Me to the End of Love by Madeline Peyroux. It's not that the song is particularly odd, but it's the only one with such a smoky, jazzy feel. It's always good to play when writing love scenes.

I'd have to say the oddest song I have in my collection is a song called, "The Only Gay Eskimo." I don't usually have it on when I write, but it's in my playlist, so sometimes it'll pop on when I'm writing. It's just a silly little song that was on SNL. I'm not even sure I know why I have it--LOL--but it's there. I can't think of a scene I'd use it to write, but maybe if it's a silly scene, it would be great inspiration.

I have such a draw to Middle Eastern things, I wouldn't doubt I had at least one past life there. Every one knows I'm a rock-n-roll girl. My teen son and I pass music back and forth all the time. Recently, I've been listening to Papa Roach, but one of the most unique, farthest for rock-n-roll I can think of is Hunger, by Hans Zimmer, in Black Hawk Down.

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  1. Jessica - that song is freakin' hysterical.
    Nikki - Rob sounds like Cat Stevens to me in that song (if you know who that is). I do confess liking his singing as well as his acting *le sigh*


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