Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Writer Wednesday: How Do You Do It? Part 2

After reading A.E.'s great post last Wednesday, I ran into a couple of nuggets in the blogosphere that sort of fit what she was talking about in a perfect way.

I was reading the lovely Nikki Loftin's blog on a presentation she did in Texas, and she mentioned the Save the Cat beat sheet, and linked to it here.  I'm in the middle of Save the Cat, so I was immediately intrigued and clicked around on @lizwritesbooks's site.

And that's where I found this gem:

Liz had linked to it in reference to a shorter version of the Save the Cat beat sheet involving 7-point plotting.  It's a 5-part video presentation by Dan Wells on plotting, and it's AMAZING.  It takes a little under an hour to view all 5 videos, but it is SO WORTH IT.

I think my favorite thing about it is what relates back to A.E.'s post last week.  Dan talks about how this plotting method works whether you do it before you write (like an outline), or do it after (if you're a pantser).  And he uses awesome examples. He's an entertaining presenter. :)

If you take the time to watch the videos, I'd love to hear what your favorite part was. (Believe me. YOU WANT TO TAKE THE TIME TO WATCH THEM.)


  1. thanks, Larissa. I am totally checking this out tonight.

  2. Great post! So was AE's. I find as I continue, I start becoming more and more...organize (?) I guess you can call it. It still leaves you open for surprise characters popping in or events or deaths or whatever, but keeps your plot line straight. :)


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