Friday, March 25, 2011

NEED: Like-Minded Peeps

Trees, tall grass, and deer...that's my backyard. I do live in a neighborhood, though. And yes, we have a paved road with mailboxes lining one side. My neighbor's house smiles at me from across the way, and kids are allowed to bounce from house to house, most ending up in my kitchen gorging on food.

Sometimes I sit on the front porch and watch kids milling about, hearing their murmurs and laughter. Whether they are aware of it or not, they need each other, need friendships to test them and push them to grow.

It's the same with us as writers. I find my writer friendships as fulfilling as writing itself. They cannot be separated. It was the same for me while I danced or when I acted in the theater. Surrounding myself with like minds with similar goals was necessary if I was serious about moving forward in my craft.

What do we writers have? Conferences. How I long to attend a writer's conference.

Writing conferences are NOT abundant in my area. More plainly: THERE ARE NONE. I know of a week retreat a few hours away from where I live held during the summer months, but it's rather expensive. The other closest is in MA in May, but I can't just take off as the school year approaches a close and leave four kids home. The hubs would spin round and round and probably into outerspace.

So when I discovered WriteOnCon, last year, I was thrilled. If you aren't already aware, WriteOnCon is an online writing conference wheeled by some of the most amazing writers. 

They recognized the needs of writers like me and wanted to share, not only themselves and their writing skills, but also the wisdom of other authors, literary agents, editors, and publishers through contests, critiques, chats, and online pitches. How cool is that!?

The first conference was such a success, they expanded to monthly live events and chats. It's great to be a part of it.

This year's online conference is scheduled for August 16th - 18th, with an incredible cast from the publishing world ready and excited to delve into our manuscripts and help us find the gems within us all.

Here's the ladies of WriteOnCon announcing the conference's launching. I hope you'll make the time to attend, learn, and share your personal writing wisdom with others.

It's a quieter vlog than they usually do, but I figure they didn't want to scare anyone. Hah...

Won't you join the countless others and participate in WriteOnCon?Do you have plans on attending a conference this summer?


  1. WriteOnCon rocks!! Such an amazing opportunity for us homebodies. But I'm really really gonna try to attend the SCBWI in LA in late August too. Of course, Hubby doesn't know this yet ... just trying a way to make it a fam trip and give him the good news. ;)
    But WriteOnCon for sure. It's worth every effort made to be a part of it. I learned so much last year.

  2. I'm definitely attending WriteOnCon again this year. Last year was amazing! I'm also attending my second Regional SCBWI conference in April. I'm really looking forward to it. I met a great critique partner there last year, and we have been in contact ever since. I'm looking forward to seeing her again next month.

  3. I loved last year's Write On Con!! I'm definitely dropping by this year's, too, and I'm spreading the word in a big way. :)

    I'm so glad I'm a writer during a time where it's easy to connect to other writers, no matter where you live. I can't imagine being shut off from everyone except for once in a great while, which was the case not so long ago. I love the internet. :)

  4. That vlog was fun! The music made me expect Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd to show up any time. I'm fortunate to live in an area where there appears to be a lot of writer conferences, but I'm curious to see how Write On Con works out.

  5. Fun and funny vlog.
    I will certainly try and make time to attend.
    I'm so exited I can't wait.


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