Thursday, March 03, 2011

THANKFUL THURSDAY: Happy Birthday, Sheri!!

This Thankful Thursday, we'd like to encourage you to take a moment to reflect on the special people in your life, and why you're thankful to have them.

Humans are such social creatures, we need each other for socialization, for sharing, for laughter, for love, for down right rotten bitch fests (let's be honest, they do happen). The list of the ways we need each other could go on and on, but I haven't had enough coffee for that. Some people hit our lives with the force of a sledgehammer, and we are marked by their passage. Some people a guides, nudging us along our paths. and some people breeze in, sweet and soft as a spring whisper and we are forever changed.

So, who are we thankful for? Well, what better day to have a Thankful Thursday than on Sheri Larsen's birthday? It's almost divine intervention. Sooo...
Jessica said: I'm thankful for Sheri, because I've no idea how she juggles all the balls she does w/o dropping them. She's my freakin' hero with that stuff!! Also that she always has the greatest ideas and that she was awesome enough to start this blog and ask me to join. Thank you so much, Sheri, for being my blog sister! Happy Birthday!!

Nikki said: I'm very thankful that Sheri came up with the idea to launch this blog, bringing all of us together to this amazing place! Sheri has been so much fun to get to know, and has been a great CP. She is so creative and such a wonderful mom too! Happy Happy Birthday Sheri. Wishing you a fabulous day and year ahead.

Jessie said: I am so thankful for Sheri -- who had the genius to think up the concept of creating a blog oasis for fellow YA authors. I'm thankful that she reached out to me through YALitChat to see if I'd be interested in joining her and for her thinking enough of my writing to ask me in the first place! Sheri has energy, spunk, creativity, and talent that makes our blog a better place to be on a daily basis. Happy Birthday, Sher, and may this year bring you nothing but continued success!

And me: I try to lift Sheri up when she's down, try to help read for her when I can, and I never feel like I've given enough back for the kind support she's given me. Sometimes a person finds just the right way, uses just the right words. Sheri is that person for me. She has such a wonderful caring heart. The days I've been pouty, wondering if I'm worth any fuss in this industry Sheri comes along and refuses to let me wallow. I can hand her my broken, grubby bits and she puts a shine on them so bright I can feel her belief uplifting me. So, thank you Sheri, just for being YOU. You are an amazing blessing to us Oasis girls.


  1. Love the birthday tribute!

    Today querying-me is thankful for Literary Rambles...

  2. You all made me cry. I can't stop. I'm sniveling, really. To know what this place has grown to mean to you and that it matters that I'm here is really nice to hear. I did not expect this. I am humbled. Thank you.

    I am thankful for my family's support, the passion to write and create, and you four ladies. I am blessed.

  3. this week, I celebrate my youngest, who turned 5 on Tuesday (I wish I wrote picture books, b/c she IS one somehow).

  4. Happy birthday, Sheri!

    I've never tried a meme before, but here's my entry:

  5. Happy B-day Sheri,

    Warmest wishes sent your way.

  6. Thank you for the b-day wishes, Susan & Ebyss. And Sue, great entry!


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