Friday, April 15, 2011


The book gods have smiled upon me lately so...I'm sharing the bounty. Granted, my copy of Haven is an ARC so it's not hardcover, but it does come with signed bookmark!

From the author Kristi Cook's website:

A chilling destiny she can’t escape.

A devastating love she can’t resist.

Violet McKenna isn’t a normal girl with normal teenage issues; she has more to contend with than most people could handle. Violet thought she was just crazy when she had a vivid vision of her dad’s murder. Her life started falling apart when her premonition came true. She’s had flashes of other events too–the problem was nobody believed her until she found a new school: Winterhaven.

At Winterhaven, Violet finally feels like she belongs. She quickly finds a close group friends and discovers that they too have psychic ‘gifts’—as do all the students at Winterhaven. But as soon as she feels settled she discovers the most intriguing and alluring boy she has ever met, and things quickly go awry. As the attraction between them grows, intense visions of the boy’s death start to haunt her. In her premonitions, the secret he is unwilling to share begins to reveal itself. And to Violet’s horror, she learns that their destinies are intertwined in a critical–and deadly–way.

“You won’t lose me,” I said, taking a tentative step toward him. “No matter what your secrets are, no matter how terrible you think they are, you won’t lose me.”

He reached for my shoulders and drew me against his chest. “I’ll make sure to remind you that you said that, okay? When you’re running away from me as fast as you can.”

So you want HAVEN?? Tell me why!
I'll pick a winner and announce it Monday!


  1. I want Haven!!

    The reason is I love the teaser.

  2. I don't know if this is an international giveaway but man, that teaser is a good'un. . . I have to know that boy's secret!
    - Sophia.

  3. I want Haven!! I want to be bitten by the Aiden bug ;) Plus that blurb is fantastic!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  4. I love stories about outsides finding a group where they belong, so Haven sounds like my kind of story! The teaser you gave us is great!


  5. Sure. I'd love a copy. I love girls who aren't normal. Right away I want to know about them, why they're not like everybody else, what they think, how they love or hate. All that and more.

  6. I have been wanting Haven for a while now. I've heard so much good about it from everyone who's read it! This teaser only makes me want it more :)


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