Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Writer's Wednesday: Q & A

It's my turn to post a Writer's Wednesday.  I wrote it down, set a reminder in my phone, and now here I am.  But ... I can't decide what to write about.  We've covered the first 250, synopses, critiquing, crit partners, characters, setting, etc.

Then I thought, why not ask our lovely readers what they want to know? :)

So hit me with your questions about writing.  It can be anything.  Plot problem?  Describe it.  Character question?  Ask away.  Query trouble?  Let me have it.

I will stop by throughout the day and answer.  And maybe some of the other Oasis ladies will, too.  Or, maybe another commenter will have the answer!

And if you don't have any questions, I hope you have a lovely Writing Wednesday, full of words and joy. :)

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