Thursday, March 29, 2012

Whoseewhatsit Thursday - Authors Getting the Most Out of Pinterest

Pinterest is more than just a noun. It's a social media platform that many of us haven't fully figured out how to exploit yet. If you're still a little hazy on the concept, Pinterest is like a virtual bulletin board for images on the web. I've found loads of practical applications for it.  For example, when I'm trying to decide which accent pillows I want to buy, instead of keeping open multiple windows and flipping back and forth, I just pin the choices to my "For the Home" board and can look at them all right next to each other. Then, once I decided on one, I click the image and it takes me right back to the original website so I can buy it. Totally handy!

For writers, however, you may not realize the ways that Pinterest can help you.  I've been using it primarily for brainstorming my stories and novels.  When I see an image that looks like my character, reminds me of something they would wear, or perfectly depicts a setting I want to capture, I pin to my "Writing Inspiration" board.  The next time I get suck in my writing, my virtual bulletin board is there waiting for me, waiting to give me a visual shot in the arm.

And then I saw our Oasis sister A.E. using Pinterest in an ingenuous way -- she's collecting images for her recently-sold novel to help her soon-to-be fans get a feel for the mood, tone and characters.  I can tell you, with some carefully selected images, A.E. already has me drooling to get my hands on a copy.

But that can't be the only ways to use this new tool. I'm sure the possibilities are many and I'm just not creative enough to think of them. So please tell me what you've done or seen that can help authors better use the next, most-visual, social media platform on the web.


  1. Pinterest is new to me, but I've quickly become addicted. I use to mainly to find food I want to make (sad, but true - LOL). It's fun.

  2. I saw C.J. Redwine make a board for potential future characters which is awesome. I figure a writer could also do this for future scenes and settings. I also make a board for each of my books. It's just full of inspiration! It's also good for those times when you just need to zone out and procrastinate, lol!

  3. Ah, yes. Pinterest. Addicting, isn't it? I've had a lot of fun with BROKEN's board--I like that I can SHOW readers. I'm such an image oriented person. Eventually, I'll do other boards, I'm sure.

  4. I love these pinterest posts, because as you said, I think most of us are only just beginning to see the cool ways we can use the boards to create, market and promote.

    I have to be careful with Pinterest tho--it's easy to have WAY TOO MUCH FUN on there, and suddenly POOF! an hour is gone. :)


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