Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Writer Wednesday: Little truths I've learned.

As writers, especially unagented or unpublished, we're working working working toward goals. "When I get an agent..." or "After I get published..." I think we labor under some myths that those are finite points in The End Game, and things will be all fluffy rainbows and sparkly unicorns. Well, I've been learning as I go, and I've learned they aren't. They are turning points on a rollercoaster that keeps going faster and faster, or to keep up with the damn Game metaphor I started myself on, they're the opening moments in The End Game of ALL GAMES.

When I landed my agent years ago, the type of writing work I did changed. I wasn't just creating stories, I was suddenly outlining more and discovery writing less, roughing up pitches, writing summaries and synopses, researching the market, AND writing. Signing with Gina was the start of a new and more focused event.

Since BROKEN's been picked up by Strange Chemistry for publication this upcoming January, I've been working on an author questionnaire, written a guest blog post, filled out an interview, discussed single sentence/paragraph synopses, thought up cover concepts, approached authors for cover quotes, and more. And I haven't received my edits yet! Then there will be revisions, proof reads, blog tours, contests, more interviews... Signing that publishing contract was kind of like jumping into a storm of BUSY, or throwing the first pass in the Super Bowl of End Games.

Yes, keep reaching for those goals. Don't ever quit if writing is what you love and cutting it out would be tantamount to digging your heart out of your chest. Getting an agent, selling a book are amazing goals to achieve. Just... be prepared to be BUSY.


  1. It's a full time job and then some. =)

  2. I had no idea how much work there would be in promoting the book either. I kept thinking, oh, I launch in November and then things will settle back down. But that doesn't happen either. You still have interviews and blog posts. You still have to work to keep your book in the public eye. AND you have to write the next one. There is no rest for the weary in this game.


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