Saturday, January 14, 2012

Let's Celebrate Some Good News!

We are so excited for our Oasis Sister, J.A. Souders!  You may have heard that her debut novel, Renegade, will be released from Tor this fall.  Her EPIC cover reveal is happening next week, and you can find out all of the details HERE.

But we also just learned that the German rights for Renegade have been sold!  HIP, HIP, HORRAY!  We hope you'll join us in congratulating Jess on this milestone achievement!  In the meantime, all we can say is:


  1. THank you both! I'm so excited! I guess I need to brush up on my German now. LOL.

  2. Very exciting! Congratulations! Christy

  3. Thank you so much, everyone! I'm still in shock over getting a publishing contract w/ Tor! Now I'm pinching myself even more! LOL.


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