Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Writer's Wednesday - Finding Sanctuary

We used to do a post every week on finding sanctuary.  Now that we don't do a weekly post, I thought it was time to revisit some of the ways that we can work sanctuary into our writing time.  (Yes, I'm all about multi-tasking.)
Here are some ideas for making your writing time more enjoyable:

* Take your laptop and write beside a crackling fire

*  Burn a candle in your favorite scent

*  Make yourself a steaming cup of hot cocoa (come on, you know you secretly want one too every time you make it for the kids)

*  Wrap one of those heat-able wraps or blankets around your shoulders to release tension while typing

*  Make a new playlist full of your favorite mellow songs

*  Close your e-mail folder and/or turn off your internet, so you don't know or aren't able to access the many possible distractions that linger

*  Consider writing long hand. The extra time it takes to write down the words will give you brain additional time to be creative and you may find things just flow when you move away from the computer.

What other ideas and tips can you share for making writing time just a little more relaxing?


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  2. I actually just did this yesterday! It's amazing how lighting a few candles, even if they don't make much change in the lighting and you're too busy looking at your computer to really look at them, can change your mood and encourage your writing. Thanks for the other tips, Jessie!

    <3 Gina Blechman

    P.S. I find that taking a shower and getting into comfy clothes before writing is really helpful. Even if you already took a shower earlier in the day, feeling clean and clearing your mind is worth its weight in gold.

  3. No internet. This is the one I have to do. I spend lots of time getting all of the other enjoyable things prepared.... The writing, well. It's not getting very far. No internet. Christy

  4. Oh, I agree, Gina! Getting into some nice, cozy jammies is another great tip.

  5. I always turn off the internet on my compy when I'm writing. Like I literally disable the wireless so I can't even be tempted. I love the idea of writing escapes, and I often fantasize about building a little writing hut in my backyard. Now I just need a backyard big enough to support such a hut...

  6. Okay, that 'turn off the internet' is something I don't do as much of as I need to.

  7. Great writing tips! I think these will definitely work for me- except maybe the one about creating a playlist (I can't write with music on- it distracts me) and sitting near a fire would just keep me on edge with all those flames nearby. The tip I think is really important for any writer (and chronic procrastinator like myself) is the one about disconnecting from the internet and e-mail. I'd be so much more productive without those distractions! A cup of cocoa (or coffee) is a must!:)



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