Thursday, April 26, 2012

Whoseywhatsit Thursday: Birthdays

It's time for another Whoseywhatsit writing prompt, from yours truly. This week's topic ...


My birthday is coming up next week and I'm thick in the middle of planning my son's birthday later on in the month, so I figured it would be fun to have a birthday prompt!

You have up to 250 words to get your character in a birthday state of mind - develop a flashback, write a poem, try something new, whatever you want. Post those words below and then comment on at least one other person's writing. (You don't need to necessarily critique it, this isn't polished writing people!)

Ready. Set. Go!

(And here's mine ...)

Caleb held out some sort of bread looking thing. "Happy birthday. I'm sorry we don't have candles. You know, fire and all."

I twisted at my watch in confusion. "My birthday isn't for a couple of months." And how would he know anyway?

"Actually, it's today. Not only did the year change, but the month and day did too. So. It's August 15th." He had the courtesy to stare at the ground and nudge it with his mocassin.

I blew up my bangs. "Fabulous." He actually did know the date. But, it wasn't all bad. I did get to dine on some sort of chocolate-colored-coffee-smelling-fluffy-looking dessert.

Even if I was totally confused about the whole time travel, what age was I, what time was it, stuff.


  1. Happy early birthday to you and your son!

  2. Happy birthday, Nikki! Hope you have a blast.
    I had a birthday scene in Destined - those are always, er, usually fun to write. I just thought of the birthday in BTS and realized not all birthdays are good days. ;)
    Love your scene, btw. The voice is great.


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