Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Witchy Wednesday

Instead of a Writer's Wednesday, I thought I'd mix things up a bit and have a Witchy Wednesday.  Want to know why?  Because after reading three YA witch books in a row, I'm convinced that witches are the new vampires.  And I think I'm good with that!
As a writer myself, I'm not in the best position to do full-on book reviews, but I can certainly share my book recommendations. I can wholeheartedly recommend these three witch novels, each for different reasons. I'm going to take them in the order I read them and hopefully help you pick the next novel(s) on your TBR list.

Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood

This novel is set in an alternative pre-industrial America, where women's freedoms are sharply curtailed after a period of having been governed by female witches, but countries like Dubai are hotbeds of religious freedom.  Just the setting alone was highly creative.

The novel follows three sisters, each of them born witches, as the oldest unlocks answers about a prophecy, chooses between two very eligible bachelors, and tries to protect her younger siblings from being discovered by the tyrannical "Brothers" who now rule with an iron fist.

If you like reading novels that are in a more historical vein but still compel you to turn the page, Born Wicked is your must-read witch novel.

The Book of Lost Souls by Michelle Muto

This novel is very, very different from Born Wicked.  It's a modern-day story, set in a small town where supernatural creatures and regular folk live in harmony.  The main character, Ivy, is a witch and her best friends are a werewolf and a vampire. She's lusting after a fellow witch, but there's a super hot demon with his eyes on her.

The opening scene is downright, LOL hysterical. This story is lighter, and perhaps better geared for a slightly younger YA audience who likes some playfulness and doesn't require constant doom and gloom.  That's not to say that there's no danger here -- because there is -- and what the Book of Lost Souls can do is downright creative.

If you like reading novels involving a wide ranger of super-natural creatures, and you like humor as well as you like love and suspense, then The Book of Lost Souls is your must-read witch novel.

Spectral by Shannon Duffy

Spectral released yesterday (I was lucky enough to get an e-ARC) and it was another page-turner! This is also a present-day novel where international witch covens are vying for control of the next most-powerful witch in the world -- who just so happens to be the main character, although she doesn't know it for a good part of the novel. She simply thinks her family's frequent moves are a result of her dad being part of the witness protection program.

On Jewel's most recent relocation, she finally makes a friend and meets two cute boys who are both interested in her. As Jewel unravels the secrets surrounding her family, she also falls hard for one of the boys, but he just might want her dead. The ending of the novel jets the characters into Russia and Venice and has a kick-butt fight scene.

If you like reading novels that have a healthy dose of action/adventure, a sweet love triangle, and some pretty awesome powers, then Spectral is your must-read witch novel.

So, what do you say? Any of these going on your TBR list now?

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