Tuesday, May 08, 2012

TBR TUESDAY: The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa

This one deserves to be LARGE baby! *drool*

Today my TBR is The Lost Prince: Call of the Forgotten #1

This one is set several years after The Iron Prince, and features Julie's little brother Ethan. When I heard Kagawa was writing more in the Iron Fey world, and this one was going to be from the brother's POV, I got excited. I LOVE boy's POV books and really, really enjoyed The Iron Fey series. I'll admit I'm a little pouty, I had hoped there might be a spin off on Puck, because dammit, he deserves to find love, too. But once this cover was revealed, I forgot all about Puck, and started thinking about all the possibilities of a series based on the little boy who used to be first stalked by dark fey, and then protected by them after Ash's orders.

Sadly, maddeningly, after an exhaustive search of the Web, I couldn't find a single summary. I'm guessing it's as much marketing ploy as it is Kagawa has a new series out and things aren't completely settled with The Lost Prince. So, until Harlequinn Teen gives us salivating fans the blurb we're dying for, I'll stare at the pretty above and dream. *wistful sigh*

Here's the link to The Lost Prince's Goodread page.


  1. I'm not really into bare-chested dude covers, but the story sounds good. :)

  2. Love this! The cover is absolutely gorgeous!!

  3. Unlike Matt, I AM totally into bare-chested dude covers:) Sounds great!

  4. Oh my yes! I so can't wait to read this. I love all of her books! Great choice, AE.

  5. It's not the bare-chestedness that get's me, Matt. It's what's going on across that bare chest... Tattoos? Transformation? what does it mean? Visual catnip for my image-oriented mind ~_^


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