Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Writer's BLOCK Wednesday

Yeah. That's me.

There is so much going on right now. I'm excited about Broken's upcoming cover art, nervous about the upcoming edts, stressing about this computer because it wants to die at the oddest moments, busy as hell with graduation plans, etc. It's like my life just rose up in a tidal wave and smothered the writing in me. 

This ever happened to you? Silly me. If you're visiting this blog, then you're most likely in the writing industry somehow--and if you're a writer, you've suffered the dreaded nasty Writer's Block.

What did you do to get past it? Anyone have any helpful links? Even my WIP Pinterest board isn't helping me now. *sob*

I found these links on quick tour of the Web:
Oasis friend Elana Johnson has a post on her blog HERE
My CP Katy Upperman has a post HERE
Our own J.A. Souders has a post HERE
There's a post on an page HERE

Maybe I should read these posts? Test it on myself and report back. Hmm...

In the meantime, please leave any of your hints and tips in the comments! Maybe we can compile them into a tip sheet to keep here on the blog. Yeah. Group project! I like that idea. I'm not in this alone. *squeezes Oasis readers*


  1. Thanks for sharing these posts! The link to Katy's post seems to be broken. When I can't write I take a shower. For some reason this always seems to help.

  2. I go back to the beginning of my work and read it; it generally spurs some thoughts, even if it's minor changes, which helps draw me back into the story.

  3. When I'm stuck it's usually because I don't know what happens next. I make a list of the worst things that could happen to my MC and then come up with ways they could deal with those situations. Usually at least one sparks something.


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