Thursday, May 10, 2012

Whoseywhatsit Thursday ~ Reflective Inspiration

Writers inspire. But they are also human ~ despite the many debates over the centuries. Life happens. Doubt or depression or exhaustion take over. Even worry. So at times, writers need a dose of inspiration fueling them to forge forward and continue creating.

You've heard of the latest, greatest cyber fad Pinterest, right? Who hasn't? Yet you're leery to embrace this new trend. I'm sure one of your biggest reasons is time. Cyberspace, the blogosphere, and the endless streams of social media popping up are definitely vampires, sucking us dry second by hour by minute. But there is value here, too.

If you've kept up with the public ponderings over the Pinterest hype then you're aware of the multitude of reasons people choose to open an account. From a writer's perspective ~ self-promotion. Many authors have opened up boards, solely geared to their books. It's interesting to see. I've even opened a board up to promote my personal site, Writers Ally, sharing what I explore and share on a weekly basis.

I could list a bazillion ways to use the boards, but I want to stay with our writing topics and make you think about reflection and inspiration. Pinterest is a great place to find both. If you're suffering from writer's block or life stresses, or caged in by a scene that just isn't going places, flip through the images on Pinterest. It's like reading in pictures. You'll be amazed where it will take you, where you might end up.

I've included three YA related images in this post, randomly chosen from Pinterest to inspire and give you and your characters reflection. 

Writing prompt: be one of your characters, one you're working with now. What does he or she see or feel in these pictures? What could he or she change in their world from what you discover?

The Oasis Sisters Pinterest Boards: SheriAnn, Nikki, Jessie, Larissa, Jessica.


  1. I'm still scared to start something new. I know I need inspiration, but the time I have to write is limited. Who knows.I know I'll cave at some point.

  2. LOL, Christine. No fears, though. 'K?

  3. all great pictures, Sheri! the girl at the top looks so forlorn, she's great inspiration...

  4. I haven't tried it either. I love visuals. I may just do it. =)

  5. I just ventured on to Flickr to make my "caged grave" photos public in preparation for promoting that book next year, but I haven't looked at Pinterest at all. Maybe I'll check it out this summer.

    But learning the ropes of a new social media is SO exhausting! And I never did figure out Tumnlir. Do you think this one will stick around?

  6. I do, Dianne. It's quick and easy. Basically it keeps track of any inspiration I happen to stumble upon on the web. I really don't do anything other than pin it to one of my boards.

  7. From what I've seen, it looks like you can find some really great material there. I don't think I'll be actively using it, though, but when I stumble across something by accident that I really like, it's pretty cool. I'm just really stingy with the little time I get to write. Absolutely, deriving inspiration and dreaming up your story is a good part of writing, but I generally do that while I'm driving or in the shower. Lol. Sometimes I talk it out with a writing friend or my husband, too. But it's a great medium.


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