Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Writer's Wednesday: What's Your MC Thankful For?

Since we're coming up on Thanksgiving, I thought we might try a little exercise to force you to peer more closely inside your main character and ask: what is she thankful for?

I know my own list of blessings this year includes my family, my health, my job and my Oasis sisters.  But I imagine my teen characters would have quite a different sounding list.

For instance (and Nikki, you can correct me if I'm wrong), our main character in Beneath the Surface - Wren - would probably be thankful for these things:

* her BFF, Andi
* her iPhone
* being elected captain of the tennis team for her senior year
* speed boats
* her parents' extended vacation
* a hot new boyfriend, whose sweet personality makes up for his untamed Greek eyebrows and over-sensitive nose

What about your main character? Is she thankful to make it through a day without a ghost bothering her?  Is she thankful her dad survived a car accident?  Or is it something more shallow, like being thankful she was homecoming queen?

Whatever it is, knowing what sorts of things your character appreciates in life will help you understand her better.  Feel free to share your list below, or leave a list of things your thankful for this year.  Either way, we're thankful for YOU!!

Wishing you a blessed and abundant Thanksgiving!

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