Monday, September 06, 2010

Monday Sanctuary: Creating your own

So Monday’s are the day we talk about adding a little sanctuary into our writing.  So I figured I’d talk about creating that little sanctuary.

Since everyone is different, but most writers are readers by nature and that make us pretty similar, I’ll describe what I do when I get completely stressed and need a break from everything.  Writing, family, and other obligations.  I create my own little spa in my bathroom.

First I buy candles. I go with unscented because my husband is allergic to perfumes, but if you want to have a little aromatherapy go ahead and splurge on some scented ones.  For relaxation get some lavender and vanilla scents.  Citrus scents are great for rejuvenation.

I cover my bathroom in them.  The back of the toilet, sink, edges of the tub.  Wherever they fit. And light them.  Then I fill the tub with water as hot as I can stand it and some kind of bath soak.  Either bubble bath or crystals, oil, foamy stuff.  Whatever it is that you like. 

Let the bathroom become steamy, the steam will relax you and it’s good for your pores. 

After all that I turn off all the lights, lock the door, and settle into the steamy water.  Here’s where it’s up to you and what you want.  I either read a book, listen to one on my iPod, or just sit there and do nothing. 

Now if you want to add a bit more of a spa experience to your sanctuary, I give myself a facial with either store bought masks and such, or stuff I’ve made myself.  I also make a sugar/salt scrub I use.  I prefer the salt scrub using sea salt because it’s good for my hair as well. 

Whatever it is that you do, just remember to pamper yourself.  Take that hour every once in a while.  Your family and writing will thank you.


  1. The bath sounds wonderful, Jess. Great post!

  2. Books, music, lavender incense and the howl of stray cats from far away. These and the Dublin rain keep me company while I write.

    Good post, Jess.

  3. oooh, you make me want to sink into a hot bath right now - or better yet, go to the spa. Your sanctuary sounds like heaven


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