Monday, January 17, 2011

The Perfect COVER

Ever been glad to see a Monday?? Well, I'm welcoming this Monday here on Oasis with open arms. Maybe it's because I'm at a crossroads, or simply because it feels like that. It's weird. I thought that when my manuscript started seeing some real interest, real nods and movement from agents/publishers I'd be brimming with excitement and more energy then ever.

But the total opposite has happened.

I can hardly move.

Not sure if it's fear of success--can't be failure, seeing how we're intimately acquainted--lost in a sea of unknowns, my perfectionism, or simply unsure of my next step. Don't get me wrong. This really is exciting, but something is paralyzingly me. I need to find that Writer's Oasis we talk about here on Monday Morning Sanctuary.

I decided to come clean about this, not to simply vent or unload my skittishness on you. It was to let you know you're not alone, and hopefully give you comfort in my confusion, doubt, nagging fears but my ornery persistence to plunge ahead despite the unknown.

Have you ever experienced what I've described? Are you now? Share.


  1. I so totally know your feeling, Sheri! Editors have RESONANCE, and you Oasis Girls know the possiblity with FORESIGHT and I'm so conflicted. Feel of failure? Fear of success? Just damned excited?

    I going with excitment, because fear is a negative emotion and invites negativity.

  2. Yes! I so know exactly how you feel. There is always an underlying worry to all that I do: is it good enough? Does it meet expectations?

    I have no solution: just keep moving forward!

  3. It's the unknown, I think. As great & wonderful as your excitement is, you've never been there before. It's so hard not to feel squirmish when you just don't know what to expect. Keep hanging on!

  4. Beth - thank you. I hope that helps others, too!

    AE - I know!!

    Jessie - squirmish...for some reason that made me laugh, lightened my mood. Thanks! And hey, I just hammered out a skimpy outline to my current ms. It's skinny on info but it's there. Phew...


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