Monday, January 03, 2011


Mondays are Sanctuary days here at the Oasis, and after a two-week hiatus from the kids going to school and the hubby schlepping off to work, you'd think I'd have a lot to talk about. I really wish I did. I'm sitting here after a crappy night's sleep, with a horrid headache, arthritis flaring in my shoulder, and feel like I'm spiraling down some flight to nowhere. I should be opening files, brewing coffee instead of wondering where I'm going to find some sanctuary.

I could read, but gut instincts tell me to write.
I could write, but the headache tells me to nap.
I could try to nap, but that never works out for me.

Right now, when I'm normally still sleeping, I'm spiraling through the Internet. Thanks to following Anica Rissi on Twitter, I did follow a link to a good blog post on Elana Johnson's blog about editing/revising and that OMG I can't do that! moment. Thank you, Twitter! Maybe there's an ascent coming today, and I'll find sanctuary after all.

So, my friends, on a conflicted day like I'm having today, what do YOU do to find sanctuary?

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