Monday, February 07, 2011


Here at the Oasis, we try to help support you and your writing career with ideas, tools and the like. Monday's are usually Sanctuary days. I'm not so sure I have a tip or tool for you, maybe more of a discussion on the many levels and types of Sanctuaries.

One crafter friend just simply cannot sleep unless she's wrapped in her husband's arms. She calls that snuggled-up tight space her Sanctuary. I nodded and Mm-hmm-ed while she extolled the vitrues, but my first thought was, "Are you kidding me?!" A little cuddle before I go to sleep, sure, but I like my space and can't imagine someone snoring at me up close and personal all night. And months ago here on the blog, I suggested reading in the bathroom, because that's where I'd escaped to find a little "sanctuary." Well, not anymore. *cue the pouting* My teen daughter thought that was such a fabulous idea she adopted it and now soaks in the bath for hours after school. I have to bang on the door and beg just to use the bathroom now. Sanctuary lost...for me.

So, maybe Sanctuary is what you make of it. Lately, I've retreated to the bedroom, with an extra blanket and my laptop, or a good book. Maybe it's walking on a treadmill and losing yourself in the motion. Maybe it's bouncing blog to blog and just reading. Maybe it's being on Twitter, or FaceBook, MySpace, etc. Maybe Sanctuary is getting lost in writing.

When life barrels at you like a freight train, where do you find Sanctuary?


  1. lately, I've been finding major sanctuary in the e-world. Blogs, twitter, e-mail, YALitChat -- I love it all too much.

  2. Sorry your tub has been commadeered! :-(

    I usually find sanctuary walking my dog on the wooded trails near my house. We live on the edge one of the country's biggest urban parks, and it's a nice change of pace from my workaday life commuting to the city. There's something about trees that always makes me feel peaceful.

  3. An oasis for YA! Wonderful. I just found you through the second Crusade on Rachael's blog.

    A sancuary is what you make of it, I agree. Most of the time, it is my bedroom, away from everyone else. But I can find sancuary just as well at my local cafe, surounded by books, smelling coffee, my IPOD playing and typing away on my laptop.

    Nice to meet you and I'm a follower now.

  4. welcome, Angela! Glad you found us! we have very similar views of sanctuary when it comes to writing time.

  5. My sanctuary would definitely have to be my couch. I can just plop down, listen to the background noise of the TV, and get lost in the words on my laptop. :)

  6. Hi Angela! I'll simply ditto Jessie's welcome. We're here for all YAers!!

  7. My office, but unfortunately voices travel up to it like nobody's business. You wouldn't believe the number of times I've been about to slip into zen writing mode and the CSI:NY theme song comes barrelling through the crack in the door. :P


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