Thursday, February 03, 2011

THANKFUL THURSDAY: What are Your Characters Thankful For?

As I work on my character profiles and collages for a possible new work-in-progress, I decided it would be fun to list what are characters are thankful for!

My middle grade character Ebony Charmed might be a bit ticked being an apprentice witch with a cat who can commune with ghosts better than she can, but she has found something to be thankful for: Cheeze-Its. Yup. She's a cheesy-cracker-aholic. Oh, and she's also in love with the knew lip balm she conjured up. Might not cure that crush she has on Lance McGwyer, the new 7th-grader, but it did clog that hole in her bike tire.

Even though Beneath the Surface is told from Wren's first person point of view, as Wren's soulmate, Chase Regas is unquestionably a MC And Chase is very thankful for the two women in his life. No -- he's not a total cheat! Wren, and his sister Cass, are his support system as he faces the last two weeks of his life. And why not... we all know that women are really the strong ones in any relationship. ;) If you catch him on the right day, Chase might even admit that fact himself.

Zain's greatest joy in ASCOD is Taking Zoe Morgan out on their first date. Too bad they never make it home safely...

Evelyn is thankful for her suitor Timothy and the beautiful wind chimes he made for her--they spin just beautifully in the breeze from the oxygen recyclers. It's such a shame he touched her hand. Because touching by Uncoupled people is against The Law and punishable by death.

Audrey is thankful for her spontaneous best friend (Cali) and Cali's hot cousin (Race) - for being willing to run away from home for a month to tour all the museums on the East Coast during summer break.

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