Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thankful for Love Thursday

Since it's Valentine's Week, I thought it would be neat to list some of the books we're thankful for that have a romantical element.

Mine are The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare for making me ache for all the turmoil between two characters and showing that love doesn't have to be pretty.  The Soul Screamers Series by Rachel Vincent for showing that sometimes the one we love isn't the one we're supposed to be with and Nightshade for showing that we can't choose the path our hearts take and love can't be pre-ordained no matter how many wish it were so.

Jessie said:  Anna and the French Kiss, The Wicked Lovely Series, and Twilight (sorry, I know it's cliché, but it really did light a spark in me for my own writing)

*I was SO going to post the WL series, but I figured you would, so I left it to you.  :D  Also, I agree that Twilight is a great series for the romance.  It sparked my own writing, too!

AE: I'd have to say MATCHED for teaching me a sweeter romance and not to rush it, THE REPLACEMENT for letting me see it from a guy character's POV, and SHIVER/LINGER for Maggie's sheer brilliance of putting the characters together and then pulling them apart, putting them together and pulling them apart--by the end of Shiver, I ached for Sam to conquer the wolf within.

Sheri:  Pride and Prejudice, Vampire Diaries series, and The Wicked Lovely series.

And Nikki has a great way of viewing the question I posed: "I actually read this a bit differently.  I think all YA books/series have a romance element - so I'd just pick my fave books.  I took it to mean which books am I grateful that there is a romantic element involved - because otherwise it would be too dreary, depressing, or scary!!

So, sticking with that - I'd have to say The Mockingbirds, Before I Fall, Between Shades of Gray."

So, what say you?  What books are you glad you read that have a romance to them?


  1. As you know, Sheri, I'm a REALISTIC writer of fiction and most of my reading is in that category, but I loved Insatiable and it was Michelle Zinc's Prophecy of the Sisters that started me reading more fantasy, paranormal. So I guess these two books would be on my list of ones I'm grateful to have.

  2. Nice post! I would probably have to say Prom and Prejudice (and Pride and Prejudice of course!) I agree with you on Matched, I just recently read it and liked it a lot. I'd also add Vixen by Jillian Larkin!


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