Thursday, October 27, 2011

Whoseywhatsit Thursday: Computers

I have the world's crappiest computer.

Okay, that's total hyperbole, but seriously.  For a writer, my computer is utter crap.  About two years ago, I went through Computer Hell: my laptop died, I managed to get everything off of it, then my (seriously old) desktop wouldn't hook up the the internet, so a friend gave me an old PC computer she wasn't using (she'd switched to Mac), THAT computer had a sleeper virus on it, and everything on it had to be erased.

So here I am, with a computer that works, but can't really be trusted online, and doesn't have sound anymore (got deleted--don't ask), and a desktop that runs like a snail.  o.O

My birthday is coming up, and my husband wants to get me a computer, so now I am left with the age-old question:

Mac or PC?

Here's where I really have a dilemma.  I have a friend whose husband's job sells gently-used MacBooks.  But we have no idea when that will happen.  Could be soon, could be six months from now.

I have heard all the arguments about Macs being better, and how much most writers love their Macs.  But I definitely can't afford a new one.  And, although I know they're better, I am more familiar with PCs and I'm comfortable with them. 

Then again, my last new PC only lasted three years before it completely died on me, and my parents have a Mac so old the guys at the Apple Store were flabbergasted.

So what should I do, O readers?  Get a new PC laptop?  Wait for the bargain gently used one?  Sacrifice a chicken?

Tell me and share what computer you use in the comments!


  1. I have a packard bell laptop my hubs got me after my emachine died:) so far so good!

  2. Hi Larissa! *waves* I have an acer netbook that was a really good price, and has been running perfectly for years! It is way better than my hubby's new Dell laptop which has had sooo many problems! But if I can ever afford one, I'd go for a Mac! Treeny :)

  3. I really want to use a Mac after all that I've heard but I can't afford it. So I use a Compaq notebook which I love and gets my job done. Although, I kinda burnt it this week so it's in the service centre now..*ahem*

  4. My laptop is a refurbished Mac and I've had it about 4 years with no problems. I thought I ruined it once by overheating it, but once it cooled itself down, it was fine. Nothing needed to be reinstalled, etc. It doesn't get viruses, and the only real pain is the no cookies means you have to retype you name and password into sites every time you log on.
    Being a life long PC user, I was frustrated by the difference at first, but now it's so easy - everything about it, not just writing. pictures, movies, etc. EASY! I'd recommend the refurbished one if you can wait.

  5. I'm a PC girl all the way, I love my Microsoft Office for all my plotting needs, and I've heard Microsoft One Note is a great app for note-taking and capturing random ideas. I've used both platforms extensively, and I think if you are used to PCs it's easier to stick with them. You can't go wrong with either one, really, but no matter what I recommend an extended life battery for all your mobile needs :).

  6. I've been using Macs since 1983, literally as long as I can remember and as long as I've been using computers. I'm able to navigate my way around a PC, though I've always found them harder to figure out than Macs. I think I'm most familiar with using IBMs and the old non-Macs from the Eighties. (I know, I'm dating myself.) It took my long enough to figure out Word well enough to use it, after years of doing everything in MacWriteII, ClarisWorks, and AppleWorks.

  7. If you stay with PC, just stay away from Dell. I know so many people that have had issues with them.

    In the past, the biggest issue with Mac is the number of programs and such that don't run on them. If you're doing simple word processing and normal stuff, you might want to consider Mac.

    They're not virus proof as some would leave you to believe, but they don't get infected nearly as often as PCs.

  8. My Dell laptop works just fine. I've been told Macs are better to, but only if you're running a business or designing artwork and so forth. As for writing and checking email and the likes, why spend the money? But, its up to you, and I wish you luck in finding what will get the job done for you. :)

    Take care,

  9. Thanks everyone! It's funny how attached people get to whatever they use.

    Jessie, I didn't know that about the cookies. Hmmm...that is a consideration for me...

    TREENY! *waves*

    I'm still undecided! I'm not a huge fan of change, so part of my hesitance with Mac is getting used to something new. But I reall REALLY don't want to have to go through having my computer die like that again... *sigh*


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