Tuesday, September 04, 2012

TBR Tuesday: Decatur Book Festival Haul

I know going around, meeting authors, and getting signed copies of books may be old hat to some of you, but this was my first experience.  And I came away with a collection of books I'm really looking forward to reading.

We've got:
The Childe and Dark Days by C.A. Kunz (fellow Florida authors)
Meant to Be by Tiffany King (fellow Florida author)
Origin by Jessica Khoury (an author made of awesome)
Slammed and Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover (amazingly sweet!)
Significance by Shelly Crane (a fellow Florida author)
Anathema by K.A. Tucker (super nice!)
On the Bright Side by S.R. Johannes (fellow Indelible)
Don't Fear the Reaper by Michelle Muto (fellow Indelible)
Wildflower by Amy Jones (sweetheart)

(Plus, I got to have breakfast one day with Margie Stoll and Kendare Blake AND Nancy Holder came to our booth and hung out and was BEYOND amazing.)  So that's the really sort summary of my Decatur adventure.

Do any of these books interest you? Have you read any of them? I'd love to know how to better order by ever-growing TBR pile!


  1. The books all sound great. What we all need is an extra twenty hours in the day to read, right?

    Sounds like you had a blast in Decatur!



  2. that's about right, Martina. It'll take me months to get through my new TBR pile, I'm afraid.


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