Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Writer Wednesday: Advice

Lately, I've been juggling writing my next book and working on blog posts to promote Broken's release in January. (It's coming up so fast!!) Lately, the blg posts are winning... I've had a few tough questions that really made me think--those are my favorite interviews. A couple guest posts are about music, one is about food--those were really fun. When doing intervies, a common question has been, "Do you have any advice for beginning/unpblished writers?"

Honestly, I feel like I'm still learning. It's odd for me to tell others what they should do. But, while it's on my mind, I figured I would leave my bits of advice here for you. I would love it if y'all would share your ideas too!
  • Let your characters speak. Don't get in the way of their story. But, don't let them railroad you into a corner, either. They are a charater, YOU are the author.
  • Find a good group of peers, betas, critique partners, a writing community you feel comfortable in sharing with, and helping each other. These are the people who lift you up when you're struggling, they are the people who celebrate your achievements.
  • Always strive to do better, to be a better writer. Hone your craft.
  • Prioritize. Make writing a priority, be serious about it. But don't let it be your main priorty. Love your family, talk with your friends, scratch your pets ears. The spark for myriad ideas exists outside ourselves.
  • Finish what you start. If you don't finish a story, you have nothing to share, nothing to revise, nothing to submit.
  • Surround yourself with positive people who understand and accept the writer in you.
  • Practice your ABCs. Apply Butt to Chair. However, don't let your hiney become part of your typing chair. Get some excerise, go for a walk. It increases oxygen in your blood and feeds your brain.
  • Eat good food. Yes, coffee and chocolate are to writers what catnip is to kitties. Like oxygen, good food feeds your body and thereby feeds your brain.
  • "Write what you know." My other told me this once. Sure it helps. Don't be afraid to be a rebel and write what your writer's soul knows. Not every paranormal author has met a vampire, faery, werewolf or Frankenstein-type monster *shameless plug*
  • Love what you do, do what you love, and no one will be able to pierce thourhg the tough skin you have to have in this industry.

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  1. Amazing tips! Agree with every one of them. LOVE the last one :)


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