Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Writer Wednesday: Passing the Buck

I'm getting this in just under the wire--sorry about that. It's a busy time of year (like whoa).

That being said, I am not only posting late, but passing the buck on my post. But it's for a good reason, I promise.

Revisions and rewrites have kicked many a writer's behind.  We've even had more than one post on them here at the Oasis.

But I recently read a post on revising and rewriting that blew me away. If you haven't read Kristen Cashore's post on the writing and rewriting of BITTERBLUE, you need to go now:

Have you ever done such an extensive revision? How did you approach it? How do you feel about revision?

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  1. I've done a couple of extensive revisions. One was changing a short story (about 3k) from regular format to a diary. I was glad it was a short story and not a novel! Another was a middle grade I wrote back in 2006. I looked it over in the summer of 2011. Then I tackled it again this summer and fall. I just began querying it. I changed so much, from the age of the MC to adding action scenes, to doing more show and not tell, to making my main character more in control of the story. Then I did a big rewrite of the ending. I went from I added over 12k words. Oh, and I fixed all those grammar mistakes I 'd made way back when before I brushed up on my grammar.


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