Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chaos Theory Thursday

Diverting from our normal linear pattern of writing prompts, suggestions, and inspirations to kick that writer brain in gear, I've decided to explore the world of Chaos.

Is chaos really chaotic or is it just nature's way of reorganizing, growing, and pushing us beyond ourselves? I don't have an answer, but I'll start a discussion and see where you go with it pertaining to our writing lives.

Imagery used on source site
to show chaos
Over the past three and a half months, one thing after another has been thrown at my family. Now, I'm not a complainer; that would just be a waste of time. But when life tosses you about like a leaf fighting for its last, lonely breath in the Fall breeze, it's hard to keep a positive view of your world. These 'things' have clogged my writer brain and kept me from writing creatively. I've still been keeping up with my freelance work and even moving forward with my plans to start designing book covers. But forging ahead with the sequel to Marked Beauty - which will hopefully be out this year - hasn't happened.

I recently found this on, believe it or not, a Chaos Theory website. Yes. This is an actual study. Go figure.

Chaos Theory - Study of nonlinear systems; Chaos theory studies pattern and organization within nonlinear systems. Nonlinear systems are typically characterized by unpredictability (weather, populations, stock market, etc.) Chaos theory is about discovering how simple predictable functions can create unpredictable results. Through the discoveries of chaos theory, we are able to understand how systems which were once thought to be completely chaotic actually have predictable patterns. Chaos theory originated in the 1960s. One of the early pioneers was a professor at M.I.T. named Edward Lorenz, who designed computer models of the weather. (Source: Fractals and Chaos Theory.)

There is loads more information, ponderers, and discussions on this site as well as others about this topic. What really struck me was this statement: Through the discoveries of chaos theory, we are able to understand how systems which were once thought to be completely chaotic actually have predictable patterns. 

So, does chaos really exist, or, as I questioned at the beginning of this post, is it nature's way of moving forward? Have you find after chaotic periods in your personal life that your writing life has been enhanced or dulled? 


  1. I remember reading a book on Chaos Theory when I was young. Something about: How does a butterfly flapping its wings in Japan effect the weather in southern California?

  2. It is through chaos that we begin anew...I have a scrapbook somewhere with a quote that reads something like this. I couldn't find it. But it helps me put things in perspective. =)

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