Thursday, January 24, 2013

On A Reading Roll

This Thursday, I thought I'd share some of the great books I've been reading.  It seems like I've been on a 5-star streak, and just in case you're as behind the times as I am, I wanted to pass these recommendations along to you.

First, I read the three currently-available books in Jennifer Armentout's The Lux series: Obsidian, Onyx, and Opal.  When looking up the series, I see that Origin will be next, which is good, because if this had been a trilogy and ended with Opal, I'd have been MAD.  The series simply cannot end on that big of a cliffhanger.

Anyway, the heat in these books between Dameon and Katy is smoking.  The plot is fast-paced and expertly crafted. If you like YA paranormal romance, these books are not to be missed.  (Caveat: if you've never experienced a relationship where you hate someone so much you want to kiss them, the relationship might seem far-fetched, but these things do happen.)

Next, I read Days of Blood and Starlight, the sequel to Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.  If you haven't started these yet, it's another that I highly recommend.  I wish I had read them a little closer together because it was hard remembering all of the details from the first book, but eventually I pieced it all together.  While Daughter had lots of romance, Days had none (just FYI).  Still, this fantastical, uniquely-imagined world, has incredibly high-stakes danger and creatures you just have to learn more about.  One other thing ~ I love the way the author shifts between view points in chapters, allowing us to see many moving parts coming together.
Finally, I read Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake.  I'd had Anna on my Kindle for awhile, but just hadn't been feeling the contemporary-horror vibe until now.  Man, I wish I hadn't waited.  This story was fabulous and not nearly as scary as I'd feared.  (Which, looking back, I met Kendare at the Decatur Book Festival in September and she's SO sweet, so I should have known the book wouldn't be a total creep-fest.)  Now, don't get me wrong, there was plenty of tension and the stakes were high, but there were also some sweet moments, and Cas's wit is awesome.  He's a boy character you'll be rooting for all the way.
So there you have it.  My recent reads that I couldn't put down.  No wonder I've been so tired lately.  These books are keeping me up!!  I'd love if you'd share your recommendations with me too.  There's always room on my Kindle for one more book.  :)

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