Monday, May 17, 2010

MONDAY SANCTUARY: Taming the Clenched Fist

Pen in hand, clenched fist, pages fluttering in the breeze. Sitting straighter, I glance up, sure the ideas in my head will return...hoping, praying. My jaw is clenched. I can't help it. A teeny sigh lifts my chest and escapes into the air. I refuse to say it's writer's block. No. Not me.

The tip of the pen anxiously weaves through my hair, perches behind my ear. I scroll through the files inside my head, the ones of possible storylines. I close my notebook and gaze over the railing of my front porch. The wind picks up as smoky clouds blot my horizon. I feel the first mist of rain brush the tips of my bare toes. The first droplet teeters on the railing.

The sounds of NATURE can clear the mind and clean out the cobwebs of everyday life. It can be the clatter of a massive storm or the whisper of leaves rustling in the dainty touch of a zephyr. I have a few coveted sounds that take me out of myself and all that's distracting me.

The patter of water has always been a favorite of mine. There's a freedom in it's power, whether a simple misting or a flagrant thunder storm. I even have recordings of rainstorms on my laptop. Hit the iTunes button, and I'm in the midst of Mother Nature's voice.

What I like about the wind is the reaction of all around it. Just like the rain, whether strong or soft it has a voice, something to say. My favorite is watching leaves of newly budding trees wave in response to the wind passing by. I--me being quirky me--wonder what they're chatting about.

Yeah, I know the word *BUGS* probably doesn't conjure the most attractive or mind stimulating image; however, when I listen to them on a warm summer's night I always have new thoughts. It's like they pull me into their world. Maybe it's a part of their purpose. Get me to see beyond myself.

Are you a nature lover? Tell us. What element of nature relaxes you?

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  1. I adore rainstorms - it's one of the biggest things I miss about living in Tucson, monsoons!! The sound of rain relaxes me like no other.

    Bugs on the other hand, terrify me!

  2. I love the sound of the rain. But for me, I want a nice big thunderstorm, a couch, a blanket, and someone else's book. Just curling up and reading is such a rare treat.

  3. No thunderstorms for me - we get a lot here in the mountains....the little pitter patter of a summer shower, or the sound of the waves really relaxes me though.

  4. I get inspired when it's snowing and very cold outside. I snuggle up in a warm blanklet and drink something warm and suddenly my mind's filled with ideas.

    I asked a question to an author once about how to handle writer's block and she told me: "I don't believe in writer block."
    I think that's a great way of looking at it if that encourages you to write more although I don't quite agree with it. :)

  5. I totally agree with the bugs. I always smile when I hear them on warm summer nights. It reminds me the world is a busy place. Even when we slumber, a society is thriving. Even if it's just a couple crickets in the backyard.

  6. @Ezmirelda - because of the nature of how I write, I don't get writer's block either. I don't write chronologically, so if I get stuck on a scene, I just move to another one!

  7. @Nikki I should've known you were a puzzler, too. I always write scenes out of sequence then fit the puzzle pieces together, or into the timline as I write.

    Bug? *shudders* I like nature just fine...outside my window. ^_^ My favorite writing spot is out on my porch where the breeze filters through the screen and the sun shine on the neighbor's lawn. Very peaceful and mind liberating.

  8. Wind, rain, and snow all sound like fantastic things to inspire my writing. In San Diego, though, we don't have much weather variety. I know, I know. Poor us with our dry and 70 degree daily weather. :)

    But seriously, sometimes I'd love some variety! We often spend Thanksgiving on the Oregon Coast, and there's nothing like a blustery walk along the shore to clear the head. @Ezmirelda: I agree that I love to write while cozy on a cold day.

    @SALarsen: I think we're going to close to your neck of the woods (New Hampshire) for three weeks this summer. I'm looking forward to the insect noises!


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