Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TUESDAY TUNES: Lazy Summer Days via TRAIN

Breathing in the warm rays while lounging by the pool. Sandy beaches washed in the mist of the ocean breeze. A cool drink, hotdogs on the grill, and kids running around the yard. 
A wonderful change of venue, especially for those of us who live in a four-season State. We need summer. And what better way to seek that Oasis than to enjoy some rock, pop, and alternative music. 


Here's our picks for some summertime writing...and relaxation.

Probably showing my wild side with this one... Summer makes me think of road trips listening to Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and Nickelback. For me, Nickelback's Figured You Out screams "summer" because of the outdoor concert I went to with my friends. Cool shadows had finally chased away the hot sun, and we were having a blast hollowing along. ^_^ I love to mix nightclub and concert scenes into my books, and actually started one just the other day in the sequel to Foresight. The inspiration? Seeing Nickelback, Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin and Sick Puppies play live. ~_^

Jason Mraz's I'm Yours.  :D  The music itself is so upbeat, it's makes me think of being on the soft white beaches of Jamaica, watching out over the blue sea.  A margarita in one hand and a book in the other as I lay out under the hot sun.  I listen to this one, whenever I need a pick me up.  :D


Growing up in south Florida, true summertime music only came from one artist: Jimmy Buffet. I can still picture myself swimming with my friends while Buffet blasted through the outdoor speakers (cleverly disguised to look like rocks). It's hard to pick just one of his songs, but I've always been partial to Fruitcakes: "I want a 12pound Nestle's Crunch for $25!"

This summer, I'm hoping for lazy summer days by the pool, listening to steel drum music and typing away on the patio. But really... That's a pipe dream. The pool and steel drum music will be there. I'm afraid the lazy writing will be replaced by active parenting. And that's no so bad either.   

I’ll go with Black Eyed Peas: I Gotta Feeling (which is also my ring tone!).  Anything by the BEP puts me in a good mood!  As for summer writing, we’ll have to see how the process goes.  I probably won’t do a major start of one of the new thoughts floating through my head, but will definitely be doing revisions.  Having 3 kids home, and working full time, means writing sometimes has to be squeezed in when help is around :)

And for me, I'm the girl who loves "I GOT YOU" by TRAIN. This song makes me want to walk barefoot on the beach or twirl my toes in the grass. I can see myself lounging on the deck, watching the kids swim in the pool, and then wonder why I live in a cold-climate State. LOL. Really, I love it here. 

Each time I hear it, I'm time-warped back to high school and how desperate we were to hit the beach. Yeah, I've been swimming in the Atlantic at around 45 degrees. Brrrrrrr.....but we were young.  

Enjoy your long weekend Oasis Seekers


  1. He he! Loved the FRUITCAKES!

    You've really put me in the mood!

  2. Great pics! Great music to make you happy and ready for summer.

  3. And by that, I meant, "Great picks!" Lesson 1 for Carol: proofread.

  4. Looking forward to kicking back with some of these tunes in the very near future. Thanks for a fun post, Sheri!

  5. This was def. a fun post, Sheri. Learned of some really great new songs. :D Thanks!


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