Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This week we've got an eclectic mix (as several of us mention in our descriptions) of songs from our various soundtracks and musical inspirations!

A.E. Rought's pick:
My song for this week is Hero, by Skillet. Echo and Chael are an eclectic musical pair, leaning toward a base of modern rock, with a hint of industrial and a dash of dance house. By quirk of birth, she's the only one capable of bringing balance to the chaos unleashed on the world. The end of the song fits Echo's plight throughout the series.

I'm gonna fight for what's right
Today I'm speaking my mind
And if it kills me tonight
I will be ready to die

Jessica Souders pick:
I'm pretty eclectic in my tastes, but I tend to gravitate toward the songs that make me cry. Just like my stories are designed to do that for my readers.

My song choice for this week is My Skin by Natalie Merchant

It represents the angst my MC, Bree, is in in the beginning of the sequel to THE EXILED, called THE DAMNED. She's lost someone important to her, just as she was learning how to deal with her new abilities. Now she's lost and she doesn't know where to go for help. She's angry with him for leaving, and sad because she thinks it's her fault.

Take a look at my body
Look at my hands
There's so much here
That I don't understand

Your face saving promises
Whispered like prayers
I don't need them
I don't need them

Jessie Harrell's pick:
My pick is Viva la Vida by Coldplay. I'm getting into my new paranormal and the main guy, Chase, is descended from a powerful monster but is living with a curse that leaves him somewhat helpless.

One minute I held the key
Next the walls were closed on me
And I discovered that my castle stands
Upon pillars of salt, pillars of sand

Nikki Katz's pick:

I went back to the songs I saved in my iTunes folder specifically for writing Shoreline. One of those songs was Untouched by The Veronicas. I love everything about this song - the words, the melody, and how much it relates to Nate and Maya not being able to stop thinking about each other from the moment they met!

I feel so untouched right now
Need you so much somehow
I can't forget you
Been going crazy from the moment I met you

Sheri Larsen's pick:

I have an eclectic taste in music, and as the coming weeks will show I tend to relish in it's harder side. Call me overactive. ??? These lyrics take an inside look into my main male character's head and heart. The girl whose life he saved becomes his forbidden, saving grace. 'She' is his Mercy.

'What I've Done
' by Linkin Park.

...So, let Mercy come
And wash away...what I've done.


I'll face myself,
To cross out what I've become.
Erase myself,
And let go of what I've done.

Gratuitous linkage:
Linkin Park
Natalie Merchant
The Veronicas

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  1. I tend to listen to a lot of baroque (I'm also a trained musician and love this period in history) as well as Irish folk songs and Greek Rebetika - you can't honestly get more eclectic than that!
    However, as I'm writing this I'm also listening to Nikki's choice of UNTOUCHED - what a different vibe from the stuff I usually listen to. This is the type of music I go for when I'm driving...that's why I'm a MANIAC on the road!

  2. you're right, Ann Marie. I don't think any of us can touch you in the eclectic circle. :)


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