Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TUESDAY TUNES, Great minds think alike

For our inaugural Tuesday Tunes, I'd like to point out how much we ladies can share the hive mind. Every watched Toy Story? The LGMs? Yeah, the Unimind. We has it. Three of our five initially chose the same tune: Whatya Want From Me, by Adam Lambert, but Nikki spoke up first. So, in honor of our Borgness, I give you...

Nikki's reasons: Whatya Want From Me, by Adam Lambert. This song strikes a chord with me every time I hear it. Many of the lines and themes resonate with my main character and her love interest in the beginning of Shoreline. They are attracted to each other but have baggage and history that continue to push them apart. And since I’ve been editing those scenes significantly the past month, I love hearing this song whenever it pops up!

Then, the rest of our (second choice) songs poured in: Jessie Harrell's pick: Pieces by a band called Red. While the song does have its roots in Christianity, to me, it also expresses the feelings of desperation my male main character has when he is forced to leave his beloved behind but still wants her back.
Then I'll see your face
I know I'm finally yours
I find everything I thought I lost before
You call my name I come to you in pieces
So you can make me whole

Sheri Larsen's pick: Absence of Fear by Jewel. For me, this song is the epitome of both my main characters, Ana & Viktor.
She--a beautiful girl but different because of her hidden talents to read auras and filter emotions, and pained by the lose of her missing mother.
He--born an immortal creature, beautiful and majestic, but changed when his father is killed and he's poisoned by an enemy species, forcing him to hide. Both are lonely and isolated, yet live among crowds of people.

The lyrics: Inside my skin,
There is this space.
It twists and turns.
It bleeds and aches.

These words describe them both perfectly at the beginning of the novel.

And then: Inside my heart,
There's an empty room.
It's waiting for lightning.
It's waiting for you.

These words describe what they come to discover in each other.

J.A. Souders' pick: Stuck in the Moment by Justin Beiber for my book MIRROR IMAGE. It's perfect for Lily and Jackson because they love each other, but they have to hide it from everyone. No one would believe them and there's also no way to continue their relationship, but they can't help it. The first time I heard it, I knew it was "their" song.

I wish we had another time
I wish we had another place
Now Romeo & Juliet
Bet they never felt the way we felt
Bonnie & Clyde
Never had to hide like we do, we do
You and I, both know it can't work

For my pick:
The song for FORESIGHT would have to be Corrupt, by Depeche Mode. Not for the lyrics, but for the slinky, dark and gritty groove. The sexual tension between Echo and Chael is quite steamy, and the sound of the song just works for me.

Gratuitous linkage:
Adam Lambert's website: The Official Adam Lambert Site
Red's website: Red Music Online
Jewel's website: Jewel
Justine Bieber's website was down at the time. Please look for his music on iTunes, or other music outlets!
Depeche Mode's website: Depeche Mode dot com

We of Oasis for YA ask that you please download music from artist approved websites. Pirating is pirating, and it only belongs in books and film, not in the world we live in. *AE stepping off the soapbox*


  1. I still think its funny that 3 of us liked the same song!! Now I've got to try to go original for next week :)

  2. When you first sent me your song, Nikki, I sat back and giggled. Then when the next one came in the same, I thought, "Go figure." This group is definitely together for a reason!

  3. That's actually the first time I've seen the video. I like him better with his hair in bangs :)

  4. Awesome post, AE. And I agree, we're def. together for a reason. LOL. :D

  5. ok - so clearly WE tend to think alike, but does anyone else out there have this song on their playlists?
    We want to hear about your favorites too!!


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