Monday, June 21, 2010


I woke up this morning to find we're out of creamer. Ugh. How am I supposed to have a soothing cup of joe without my French vanilla creamy cream that floats on the top until I swirl it with my spoon?

I contemplate. Hmm....

My hand reaches for the ebony knob of a cupboard. It opens, creaking at each joint. I reach for another and another, until I'm practically ripping them off their hinges. The wood groans. I think it's angry, but don't care.

I find nothing. Nada. Zilch. 

Not even a sugar packet, although I don't use sugar. (useless info about me~) 

There is no way I can drink my coffee black. I search high and low, around and behind, in and out. Grr....nothing to use. 

But wait. 

I think I see... 

Oh, yeah...a ray of hope from the dank doldrums of an unlikely cabinet: the pantry where cookie sheets and metal baking dishes are kept. Like a leather belt coiled up for months, my arm unfolds, anticipating. Before I can think, I plunge it into the darkness.

Bingo: a container of ancient dry creamer hidden behind a can of minestrone soup and an over-sized can of stewed tomatoes. (Yeah, I'm sure I put those there,

Although I'm not a huge fan of sand in my coffee, I'm thankful that the dry creamer is at least French vanilla flavored.

After a few shrugs and a nasty sounding huff, I settle for milk and the flaky creamer. Better than nothing, I think.

The dry creamer sprinkles the bottom of my empty mug. Then goes the milk. Lastly, I pour in the steaming black coffee that tints the whiteness of the milk to a caramel hew. Warmth caresses the underside of my chin as I lift the mug to sniff.

Mmm...not bad. 

I reach for my spoon to stir but don't really need to. Cold has met hot and blended nicely, melting the powder. Hmm...I ponder.

And yes, I find inspiration from the horror of having no cold creamer. I think about my favorite words, those I enjoy using most--sometimes too much--as I amble toward my laptop. I know this morning will be good. I know no matter what I write, the right word will be there as long as I open myself up and let creativity flow. 

Of course I'll have my handy-dandy thesaurus--all three of them--piled up next to me. 

So the next time you're without the essential writing tools take another look around. That inspiration you need might be found in the least likely of places. 

I 'd like to give a special SHOUT-OUT from our Oasis to all the dads out there. Hope your Father's Day was a joy and know your efforts in all you do are appreciated. 


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