Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tuesday Tunes: A little celebrating

After everyone's day off yesterday I'm sure there are a lot of grumbling about returning to work, so I thought we'd start the day off right with some music that reminds us to celebrate the small things.  The fact that you got up this morning and are able to read the blog post is enough!

Sheri's getting "All fired up" with  Pat Benetar. "Though these lyrics ground me, they also 'fire me up', and connect me with my characters who want to be heard."

"Ain't nobody living,
in a perfect world.
Everybody's out there,
crying to be heard."

Jessie loves rockin' out with her daughter to "Shattered." " It doesn't have the happiest lyrics, but it brings to mind an everyday celebration: Shattered (Turn the Car Around) by O.A.R. because my 5 year old daughter knows the lyrics and we can crank the music and sing the song at the top of our lungs."

Nikki's enjoying a blast from the past with Cyndi Lauper and "Girls Just Want to Have Fun!"

AE's going for Some Mad Hope with Matt Nathanson's "Come on Get Higher." 

And me?  I'm enjoying some Ke$ha.  As I was packing my daughter's belongings as we prepared to be discharged from the hospital I was singing the lyrics: 

Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack
'Cause when I leave for the night, I ain't coming back

And as always: We of Oasis for YA ask that you please download music from artist approved websites.


  1. I love that song (Tic toc)It's so catchy. :)

  2. Oh yeah, and O.A.R. is the only concert I've been to in about a bazillion (that's a real number) years. Any OAR song brings back those fun memories.

  3. That song has a mandatory volume level of HIGH in our car. Insta-party! Even the 2 year old dances with us.


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