Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday's Sanctuary: Embrace change

**artwork snitched from ElenaDudina's DevianArt Gallery**

I really had to debate on this one.

Often I wonder why I have fallen short of the glory of sanctuary, why the peace I yearn for has abandoned me to the jaws of chaos. The teeth pinch, the hinges close and I feel swallowed whole. The fall is long, the constriction suffocating.

Then, there are days I battle free of chaos' maw, running to the bedroom or the porch. Once settled with a tall iced tea, I embrace the change of location, and deepen the affect by pulling up a mellow playlist with instrumental movie tunes like the lullabys from Pan's Labyrinth and The Chronicles of Narnia, the dance from Mr. And Mrs. Smith. Then, I set my mind loose wandering through my favorite timesucker website DeviantArt.

The change of location, and change of stimuli relax me, and open my mind to more productive paths. Slowly, the tightness winding from behind my breastbone throughout my body loosens. The air I didn't know I lacked rushes in. I drift on the music, settle into the chair instead of sitting on it.

With the tensions gone, the creativity can flow through the paths once choked with stress. The music may lead to a new plot path, the artwork may birth new characters, new romances.

So, if you're feeling tightly wound, and want to relax and refocus, may I suggest embracing change?
Change your location.
Change what you hear.
Change what you see.
Go with the flow...


  1. Ahh, I definitely need a good instrumental playlist. Any recommendations? Love the art, by the way!

  2. wow, that's a beautiful picture. I hear so many other authors that listen to music while they work. I can't believe I haven't tried it yet. I'll have to give it a go. I wonder if it works for revision...

  3. This is great, AE. Location change can really help. Love the artwork, too. Inspiring on its own.

  4. JEM - if you like classical music, give Pachelbel a try.

    Olleymae - you definitely have to start writing with music. Or at least try. It can help rev you up for the dramatic parts or mellow you out for the low key parts of your story.

  5. @JEM--Right now Bella's Lullaby, by Robert Pattinson is playing, also in my playlist is Esme's Favorite, also by Rob. There is the lullaby from the first Chronicle's or Narnia soundtrack, too, as well as the Assassin's Tango from Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Favorite of them all? Bella's Lullaby. It's so much prettier than the one on the movie soundtrack.

    @Olleymae I thought the artwork was great, too, that's why I shared with everyone. And definitely try writing with music. Like Jessie said, it can pump you up or chill you out.

    @Sheri Thanks! I'm a DeviantArt junkie. That artist is one of my newest favorites.

  6. I used to listen to pachelbel all the time. Then I had to learn it on the piano and I suddenly didn't like it anymore. I would try other classical music like:
    paganini caprice, moonlight sonata, or something from the pride and prejudice soundtrack. It's very soothing and (I think) it makes me type faster.

  7. A much needed reprieve. Thanks. And love the art work.


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