Monday, November 08, 2010


The way I see it, a commitment to writing is a life-altering change. One can be a part-time poet or columnist for one's own satisfaction. There's nothing wrong with that. People paint for leisure; some dabble in photography. But if you're intending to dive in hook, line, and sinker and make your mark in the writing world, then you need a schedule.
I've come up with a few demographics describing different writing schedules. See if you fit one of these.

The Closet Writer's Schedule: after all other life's need, then I write - in the bathroom during girl's night out, mental notes etching on palm during pool night with the guys, during Church services--'Nuf said.

The Erratic, Freakoid Writer's Schedule: got to write right now! Must or convulsions will start: eyes bulging, throat is dry. The need must be met. "Where is my inhaler!! or a glass of wine would work."

The After-My-Paying-Job Writer's Schedule: supper's done, kid's to bed, said three words to spouse, done. Now, I'm off. Candle burning, office door left just ajar, & typing light so not to wake the normal humans in the house.  

The Nestea-Plunge Writer's Schedule: I'll write whatever, whenever, and how-muchever! Challenge me - I dare you.

The Scrappy Writer's Schedule: sticky notes wallpaper the house, tiny notebooks lay on the back of each toilet, napkin swatches are stuffed inside satchels, purses, and wallets.

The Pile-er Writer's Schedule: endless notes in scattered yet strategically aligned stacks, pillared on the desk, bedroom bureau, and kitchen countertop.

On-The-Go Writer's Schedule: scribbles while at red light or stop sign, flips open notepad while supposedly listening to boss yak about something, has a major idea inopportune moment with the significant other.

*Winky* So, how'd you fare???

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  1. LOL! Those are great! I'm actually a few of them... sometimes AFter the paying job, sometimes Nestea Plunger, and other times, on the go writer.

    Right now for NaNo ... I'm Every Free Minute I get writer...

  2. Loved these! I fall somewhere in between the After the paying job and the erratic freakoid writer. I try to write at my scheduled times, but sometimes the ideas pop into my head and I have to get them on paper.

    Well done Sheri!

  3. LOL, these are awesome! I'm definitely a scrapper writer AND and after-my-paying job writer. :)

  4. Oh...I'm a scrapper-after-job-on-the-go-closet writer hybrid.
    Great list!

  5. I'm the dangerous on-the-go writer coupled with sticky tags, notes on the back of grocery receipts and even my palms when necessary. These scribbles often pop up in strangest places--found one on the bottom of my shoe and it was a great idea!

  6. Hah!! You all are awesome! Thanks for playing alone.

  7. Awesome! I'm a few, it depends on when I can write and what I can get my hands on to write on.

  8. I'm pretty scrappy, and I'm also very methodical. Write almost every day, and my best writing time is from 3 to 6:30 in the afternoon.


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