Thursday, November 18, 2010


And, Man am I thankful! After months of writing, after another story popping its head up, taking care of my mom after surgery, and despite being bereft of my own computer for over a month, I finished RESONANCE!

This has me thinking of all the people, things, and events that touch us when writing a novel:
books, pen and paper, computer, electricity to run the computer, chair and desk/table/lap, coffee pot, lamps, chocolate, water, soda (or pop), tea, cereal for those days you don't want to cook dinner, grocery store, publishers, TV for babysitting, fuzzy socks, pajama pants or sweat pants that make our butts comfortable, pets for reminding us not to spend ALL of our time sitting on our butts, the junk food joint in town, supportive spouse/significant other, kids, friends, beta readers, CPs, Tide/Surf/Gain/All for clean clothes, social networking sites, English teachers, editors (if you're like me and you've had one,) the friend that never let's you quit, website gurus for making the social networking possible, Office Max, etc for paper and ink to print the book, icanhascheeseburger for giggles, bookstores, facebook and twitter for distractions, Nickelback for rock n roll, our parents for raising us to be creative and think for ourselves, or those people who picked us up after a difficult start and helped us learn who we were, Hollywood for flash bits of pretty to look at, scented candles, pot purri, our witchy friend who said a charm, our Christian friend who prays, that friend that always listens to our hairbrained ideas even if they aren't a writer, Ryan Reynolds for visual inspiration, Doritos for yummy chips, the wherewithal within to start a book in the first place, the wherewithal within to finish the book, the moon for its romance, the sun for making the world go 'aroun, MMA for helping us write kickass fight scenes, agents, breweries, Hostess for the snacks, and Tempurpedic for the bed I'm going to crash in tonight...

I'm sure I'm missing a crapton. What are you thankful for when it comes to your writing?

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