Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Heart

Sometime in October during one of our Writer Wednesday's, I'd written a technical post about writing: the usage of Diction and Syntax. I'd mentioned that the next time I was up for a Wednesday that we'd discuss Mood and Tone.

We will ~ just the next time I'm up for Writer's Wednesday...Pinky Promise.
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Instead, I'd like to take this opportunity to give some HEART and a little slice about the four amazing writer ladies I'm blessed to team blog with. (and in no particular order...)

Jessie ~

She was the other mastermind in starting this team blog. We met on YAlitchat--our amazing online writing community. We chatted, visited each other's blog posts, and started following. One day I read a snippet of a short story she'd posted on her blog. It was wonderful. But what struck me most was the road her creativity took the two characters. It reminded me of my own writing. Thus, I deduced we might have more in common.

I approached her about working together and Oasis for YA was born. We figured more writers would mean a richer blog oasis for you, so she mentioned our idea to the other three lovelies and they hopped on board.

Jessie, thanks for not flicking the off switch on your laptop and for listening to my idea. I'm so grateful you did.

Nikki ~ 

She's also an awesome writer I met while surfing the online community of YAlitchat. We've been able to share ups and downs in writing, the publishing challenge, and grow as mutual friends. She has an amazing spunk and is wicked bright. (Had to use wicked...I am a Mainer, you know. Look at it as I'm honoring Stephen King.) You RAWK, Nik! Thanks for hopping on board.

JA (aka Jessica) ~

She has more energy and encouragement wrapped up in her tiny emails than anyone I know. She's always there, for any of us, when we forget a post--um--our laptop crashes, or we just need to vent. A creative writer in her own right, she adds vibrancy and depth to our Oasis. Thanks Jessica for sharing this slice of the blogosphere with me.

And lastly, AE (aka Ann) ~

I also met AE on YAlitchat. I'll be totally honest; I was way intimidated by her. She is well-versed in writing and in life, and knows the publishing world quite well. (Give yourself more credit, girl.) She has been a major inspiration to me and I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart. When I had no hope, she found me on Facebook--hah!!--and we'd chat and chat.

Please visit these wonderful ladies at their private sites and support them. They have so much knowledge and verve to offer the writing community. Heart you, girls.

Lastly, and most wondrously, I'd like to personally thank each of you for following us and joining us on our team journey through the endless and exciting highway of the publishing world. So much awaits each of us together and individually. And so much awaits each of YOU.


Do you have writerly friends who you blog with? How have they affected your writing?


  1. Other than my current stint on the QT blog, I'm pretty much a one girl show. Maybe that will change in the future.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, ladies.

  2. I blog with my cousin, Quita, and she's also my favorite reader in the world! Very grateful to have her in my life. :)

  3. Thanks, Sheri. I'm so glad to be blogging with you, too!

  4. OMG - how come I didn't check this earlier today? Sheri - you're awesome! Thank you so much for the virtual ((HUGS)).
    You wanna talk about enthusiasm and energy packed into a spunky little package? Sheri is your woman! She writes, edits, stays on top of the blog, and wrangles FOUR children. Amazing. She's got a beautiful spirit that somehow survives Maine winters. :) I'm seeing BIG things in your future.

  5. Wow, I literally just read this. I'm so humbled at the wonderful friends and world my writing has opened up for me. Our community is truly amazing!


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