Thursday, June 16, 2011


Oopsie. See what an RA flare up can do to you? I almost missed today's post. I swear someday I'll actually be on top of things. Which is an awkward segue into today's assigned topic of our worst writing blunder that I've ever made that actually turned out to be a blessing.

When I threw my hat into the YA ring, I was sooo not on top of things. I hadn't stalked the right (or would that be write?) people on Twitter, hadn't read the right blog posts, found the right critique group. Nothing. I ended up with an amazing concept, crappy execution, and none of the right connections. Eventually, I shelved the project, so disheartened I thought I'd never touch it again.

After that blunder, I kept on writing, of course--because I cannot stop, it's a physical force and if I don't wrote I'll go mad. So, I delved into the YA world, started following industry savvy people, joined YAlitchat (and met my blogging besties!), and most recently found the right critique group. And this spring I dragged that concept back out and completely revised/rewrote/altered it beyond recognition.

So, I honestly consider all that angst and misery a blessing because the story that came from the latest writing binge is as amazing as the concept. I had to learn, had to grow, had to make the right connections to make me the writer worthy of the concept.

What about you--any writing blunders you're actually happy you made? Did it lead you somewhere better?

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Next Week's Topic: (building from this week's topic) Have you received a rejection on a project (remember they reject your work, never YOU) that you were later thankful for?

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  1. I have the same story. I did not have a CP, or follow any blogs, or have a presence at all on the Internet. I just loved to write and thought that would be enough!! Gosh, did I get a wake-up call. My writing stunk! My concept was good but that was it. I've now did a 360 and couldn't be happier. It was sooo lonely the route I was going at first anyway.


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