Thursday, June 02, 2011

Thursday Meme: High School Social Groups

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This Week's Topic:  Of all the high school groups or clicks, which do you enjoy writing the most? 

Hmm, it figures my Oasis sisters would give me the HARD topic. LOL.  Especially since I write science fiction and most of my worlds take place AWAY from high school and the clicks and social groups. 

I guess, though, that in and of itself explains a lot.  I NEVER liked all the separation that existed in high school and in the one I went to, there really wasn’t a whole lot of it. 

I went to a school that specialized in the health fields, and it was small.  So we all kind of clumped together.  Cheerleaders and band geeks.  Football players and science nerds.  All were one in the same. 

But, I knew there was SUPPOSED to be a separation—I’d seen 90210 and the like (LOL.  I guess that dates me, huh?)  But, I just didn’t get it.  And it carries through to my writing. 

However, IF I had to choose, I suppose I’d write something similar to GLEE and root for the underdog.  They’re always a TON more fun to write about, IMO.  :P Although, I will admit that I’m partial to the “bad boys.” 

That’s my take on social groups.  What’s yours?

 Here are the rules to participate:

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And there you have it -- come on out and tell us what you're thankful for today! 

Next Week's Topic:  What’s your opinion of writing from the perspective of the “bad guy?”  (think Dexter)


  1. Ooh, good topic! I agree with you--I'm all about the underdog. I like writing characters who are a bit misunderstood from the rest of their peers. :)

  2. sorry I didn't get to do my own post today, guys. Darn you work!! My favorite group to write about (and I don't know if you can really call it a clique) is the group of kids who's so close to being "cool," but just fall short. They've got decent grades, are good looking, and nice enough, but the stars just never aligned for them to be in the "in" crowd. I guess that's sort of an underdog mentality, but I also think it's the group a vast majority of kids fit into. There can only be so many top dogs and "losers" -- most everyone else falls in the middle somewhere. And yet they just don't seem to be very well represented in YA lit.


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