Friday, October 22, 2010


They say confession is good for the soul. And I've been very disgusted with myself lately. I've melted into a big ole puddle of whiny. My brilliant, beautiful pink laptop has been out of commission for two full weeks now, and I will have to wait until NEXT FRIGGIN FRIDAY to get it back. *spit snort snarl* I'm in the middle of two different novels and have been bouncing from kid's computer to kid's computer, even used my hubby's partially fossilized PC out in his testosterone zone of a workshop. My agent took pity on me and shipped her HP Mini at the end of last week, then yesterday, the trial period on the writing program ran out! *sob and moan*

I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself so, I'm doing some soul cleaning. Letting y'all know I'm pretty much a worthless whiner right now. And while on the topic of fessing up to my limitations, I decided to make this post bookish.

We tread a thin line as authors and 'pre' published writers. We blog. We tweet. We're internetly active. We read. Some of us read a LOT. Some books we're nuts about. Some we don't like.

We rave about the books we love, and for me the past binge has produce a couple few love affairs. I'm head-over-heels for Paranormalcy, The Replacement, and Beautiful Darkness. It also brought on one book I'll almost felt betrayed by. I love-love-loved concept and I wanted so bad for the story to equal the awesomeness I thought would be in it. Sadly, I struggled to like the character, and the storyline given just didn't match how high I'd hyped it up in my anticipation.

Did I set myself up for a fall because of what I expected? Am I just too damn picky? Yes, to both, I suspect. There were definite moments of Oooohhh in the story, a fight scene I loved and have even reread because I wasn't expecting it. I still love-love-love the concept. It is getting great reviews. The best part, I know of one of my Oasis sisters loved it.

Confession time: I didn't like Firelight.

Soooo... I'm giving my copy away! I know each book is different to each reader. Some are going to love it, some are not. I know someone out there would probably love this book more than me and give it a good home.

How can you get it? Simple. Fess up! What book have you read lately YOU didn't like? Did you read one you absolutely loved? Please leave me an email I can contact the winner with. On Saturday, I'll count the number of comments and then have my daughter pick a number.


  1. I feel your passion, Ann. Hum...must read it now.

  2. Okay, confession time...

    I love-love-loved Paranormalcy! So hilariously funny, with a romance that didn't creep me out (like certain other books where the characters throw themselves at each other).

    But, well, I really did not like Halo by Alexandra Adornetto. Too many aspects of it didn't sit well with me, and I gave away my copy. I hope it went to a good home...

  3. So, I am currently reading Matched and its definitely not as good as I thought it would be. I'm gonna try to finish it this weekend to see if it gets better. But it makes me sad because I was uber excited when I got the arc :( I've been wanting to read Firelight for a while. I read the excerpt online and loveddd it :D

  4. I just read Witch Child by Rees. It read like a prologue.

  5. OK, I finally read Breaking Dawn and I HATED it. But I am now half way through Clockwork Angel and LOVE it.


  6. Over the last two weeks I've read Paranormalcy, the Mortal Instruments trilogy, Clockwork Angel, Girl Saves Boy and The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group and I loved them ALL, but I can honestly say that I can't remember reading a book recently that I didn't fall in love with!

  7. No computer till next week? WHINE AWAY! You're entitled, and I feel your pain. I feel naked without my computer (sad but true).

  8. I read Shiver...and really, really didn't like it. I wanted to but it just didn't go down well.

    Just read Hunger Games though (late to the game, i know) and wow! what a great reading experience!


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