Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Sanctuary: The power of...two or more?

Every week on Monday Sanctuary we always talk about ways to relax from writing by getting away from writing, but this past weekend I realized something.  We don’t have to get away from writing to refresh our muse.  Sometimes we just need like minded people to remind us why we spend so many hours shedding blood and tears over our characters.

This weekend I attended my RWA chapter’s Super Saturday where I spent 6 hours with a group of paranormal writers learning craft, sharing stories, even learning a few new tricks.

It was great, but it wasn’t just because I was learning new things, it was the companionship of being with like-minded people.

We’re always told that writing is a solitary adventure, but it doesn’t have to be.  Not all of it anyway.  While no one else can write or us, other writers can help us strengthen our writing, help us see faults when we think it’s perfect and commiserate with us when things aren’t going well.  Whether it be a rejection or a scene that just won’t work.

I highly suggest joining some kind of writing group either online or in-person, because the benefits are extraordinary.


  1. That's why I love attending writers conferences. I've attended two in the past month, and I have another one on the horizon in two weeks. :) It's good to be around people who actually "get it." When I share good news with my family, such as getting partial/full requests, they just blink at me. I love networking with other writers--more people to squeal for you when you get good news. :)

  2. Great post!

    I'm never more at peace than I am with other writers. Join groups, find compatible CPs, attend conferences, take workshops, read fellow authors' blogs. There is like-mindedness all around you! I write every day in the company of several writer friends via chat rooms or Yahoo Messenger. Just knowing they're there--even if we don't say more than a few things to each other over the course of the day--keeps me going!

  3. Agreed, being part of the writing community and not just writing alone all the time is so helpful for developing your craft--and it's fun, too :) Lovely post.

  4. and don't forget about how much you learn by helping other writers too - it's so much easier to spot other's weaknesses before your own, but it will rub off on your own writing.
    great post!


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