Monday, October 18, 2010

Visual Oasis

As some of you know, I have 2 girls, ages 5 and 4.  They're 13 months apart and tend to "share" friends.  So last night, we hosted our first sleepover.  My older daughter's friend, Cookie, spent the night with us, complete with ice cream sundaes, nail polish, and watching movies way past bedtime. And yes, they were up at 7 am sharp, raring to go again.

Not only am I exhausted, but I learned something new about my kids last night.  If you'd asked me before Cookie came over whether my children could possibly be any louder, I would've said, "No way. They're already the loudest kids on the planet."  Turns out, I was wrong.  They can get louder.  And they did!

So this morning, I grabbed a few minutes of visual oasis time where I could: when they were outside swinging, when they were eating pancakes in the playroom, when they were tracking spilled bubbles through the house (hmm... maybe I should've been watching them then).

Anyway, I had such a nice little oasis -- fantasizing about the places I'd love to go for my 10th anniversary next year (not that any of them are in the budget) -- that I thought I'd share some of the amazing destinations with you.  Scroll through, check out the scenery, breathe in and relax.

Do you have any dream destinations that you "escape" to from time to time?

Grace Bay Club, Turks & Caicos
Can't you just imagine, sitting with your laptop on the beach bed, watching the sun sink over the ocean as you work on your WIP? And when you wake up and look out over your balcony the next morning, the water is a crystal, azure blue that blinks in the sunshine?

Four Seasons Maui
One of my friends says this is her favorite place on earth.  With views like this, I can understand why.

The Tides, Riveria Maya, Mexico

This one may be my favorite, although hubby is extremely reluctant to head to Mexico.  Each of the 29 villas has its own private plunge pool and is just steps from miles of white sands beaches.

Banyan Tree Resort, Seychelles
Of course, while I'm dreaming, why not stop by Seychelles?  The place I consider the most beautiful in all the world (not that I've been there...).  But it's got glittering waters, smooth rocky coasts, and lush peaks.  Too bad the Indian Ocean is so hard to get too.


  1. Some gorgeous places there. You will DEF. have to hit one amazing as possible spot! pretty. that is one dream place I want to stay. mmmmm

  2. I thought I was the only one who loved looking at resort pics! :) My dream vacay would definitely be Hawaii or Jamaica, though. One day...

  3. holy cow, Colene! I've never heard of this place before. But at $30K/week, it's probably somewhere better forgotten. Gulp!


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