Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday.

This week has been a struggle for me. I knew I was going to my mother's to take care of her after she had surgery. I thought I'd take my laptop, she'd sleep a lot and I'd get some serious writing done. WRONG.
My laptop is having serious issues. (I'm using my daughter's fossil laptop right now) Friday morning I arrived to watch Mom's dogs while she was in the hospital. She's 75, the house is big, we just lost my dad last summer and she lost a lot of her umph for cleaning it. So, I spent eight hours cleaning the dust, the cigarette smoke, washing all the linens and blankets, vacuuming carpets twice. Saturday Mom came home and was very a wake and very miserable. She hardly slept, night or day. I scrambled to keep her from tearing up, I made coffee baked her favorite desserts, I cooked lunch and dinner. We shifted from the sofa to the back room to the deck and back through the cycle. I didn't sleep worth a damn. I missed my son's birthday party. And I ended up staying until Monday.

Writing? Oh yeah. I got four pages. HAND WRITTEN. *_*

Are you thinking, AE this sounds like a lot of complaining. So what am I thankful for? I'm thankful for so much. My mother didn't suffer a stroke during surgery, which was a highly possible major complication. My mom's dogs are sweet and cute and funny and kept my mood up when it could've sank. My sister stepped up to the plate and helped. Mom is healing. I DID get four pages handwritten. My mother so appreciated the time I gave...

For every cloud, my friends, there is a silver lining. Sometimes it takes the storm blowing over for us to see the good in things, but it is there.

I pray for you, in your times of difficulty, that you rise to the challenge with grace.
I pray for you though your test may be difficult, they are nothing you cannot conquer.
I pray for you that you have help and company on those difficult paths.
I pray for your gifts will be truly appreciated, that you are a light to others.
And, I pray for you all to know some joy despite the dark clouds that sometimes threaten.

Much love to the Oasis readers from AE, who is still exhausted.


  1. beautiful post, AE! and so well-said. Glad your mom is recovering and surgery went well.

  2. My thoughts are with your mom. Hope she keeps recovering well. :)

  3. Awe thats so lovely, the prayer. Thank you!
    And sending up a prayer for your mom's recovery and for MS TLC your way too.


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