Thursday, December 02, 2010

Give and YOU Shall Receive

From our twelve calender months, which month would you say requires the most adjustment?

I'd have to say September.

Summer is still wadding in the back of my mind, yet I'm up at the crack of dawn yarding the poor kiddos our of bed for school. Then there's making lunches, pickups, rushing this one to practice and that one to dance. There's getting the kids to exchange playtime for reading and homework. And that doesn't even touch upon the change in laundry and groceries--both of which are nightmares in my household of six. Um...yeah. We have schedule changes galore.

If you live in a college town as I do, the kind-of-sort-of twentysomethings are back, taking up extra parking stalls and tables at our favorite local diner. But finally, we do adjust, until...

...the excitement of Homecoming & prowling the neighborhood on Halloween night strikes the kids and we're back to square one. Once the dance craze and sugar high wear off, we settle down again.

So with the start of November, I like to concentrate on what's ahead for the last eightish weeks of the year. The closer we journey toward the holiday season, the more I think about the last ten months and all the good that has come my way.

That's exactly what we did here on Oasis for YA. For the month of November we asked you to pledge to donate books to your local library, local schools, or an organization of your choice. Of course, we offered a prize. So today--after my long-winded intro--I'm here to announce the winners of our GIVE THANKS, GIVE BOOKS campaign!!

You'll receive a new copy of Untamed by P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast and a $15 iTunes gift card
JANNA JOHNSON is our second place WINNER!!
You'll receive a SIGNED copy of Paranormalcy by Kiersten White and a paperback copy of The Hollow

Your generosity will not be forgotten.

Have any of you donated a book just for the sake of giving? Who did you give it to, and how did that make you feel? 


  1. I'd say December. For some reason with the holidays comes a whole new crop of events I have to fit in that were unexpected.

  2. August is my month of transition...I'm of all summer and have to return to work.

    Congrats to the winners!

  3. Congrats to the winner!

    I donate books to my library just-because when they post requests. I check soo many books out from them and the library is fantastic for me - I'm happy to give back!


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