Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Tunes: Royalty Free Music!

Have you created a book trailer yet? If you haven't (or if you just want to make another), you'll probably want to include some music in the video. You're much better off using royalty free music than something off iTunes ... because, um, that's illegal!

If you're a whiz at GarageBand or can record your own music, I say "go for it" - and email me so I can hire you! But, if you're like me and don't have a musical bone in your body, you can find royalty free music online.

One of my favorite (and free) sites is incompetech. You can browse my genre (horror, funk, holiday, jazz, etc) or feel (eerie, epic, somber, mysterious, mystical, etc). Some of the music is really amazing! Free Sountrack Music is another free site that allows you to search by genre and emotion.

If you can't find anything on these sites - and are willing to pay for your music - you can purchase tracks at Royalty Free Music, Beat Suite, and Stock Music.

For an example, here's the music I used for my Shoreline Trailer!


  1. Love the music for this trailer!!! Very very cool!

  2. Free music, here I come! Thank you so much for the links!!

  3. Interesting information I haven’t been through such information in a long time.
    royalty free music loops

  4. For royalty free music that is also pretty much free to license , head to musicalise.me. A new royalty free music library where you can license tracks for as little as $1. The collection covers a wide range of genres, and although is small, this is a blessing in comparison to other sites where you need to browse for hours until you find what you are looking for. They also offer a very affordable bespoke music solution, and can edit tracks in any way you want. A place worth a visit musicalise.me


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