Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Tunes: New Beginnings.


The end of 2010 is in just a few short days, so I thought it would be great to end 2010 with a Teusday Tunes dedicated to new beginnings.  I asked each of my blog sisters to choose a song that reminded them of new beginnings.

Jessie was the first to reply and said:  To stay true to my on going love affair with all things Joshua Radin, I'm going with his song entitled It's a Brand New Day. It's positive & uplifting & speaks of looking at new beginnings with hope. (and the video is pretty amusing too...)

Nikki was next with:  I'll go with Kelly Clarkson 'Since You've Been Gone' - great song for getting over a breakup and starting a new love life!

Sheri said:  I wanted to tap into two totally different genres of music. Firstly, I'm going with "Higher" by Creed. It gives me that sense that there is more out there if I just believe.

"Closer" by Josh Grobin is a pure injection of soft confidence. It reminds me that beginnings can happen everyday and how important those in my life are to my growth.

AE said:  After clawing through my music files, I guess I'm going to have to go with You're Beautiful by James Blunt. Even though they only share a moment, it's one that lasts, one he can take with him into new moments.

And finally me who had to do the same thing as AE even though I came up with the idea.  LOL.  I'm going to have to say, Beu Sisters and Once Upon a Broken Heart.  It reminds us that there is always something around the corner worth waiting for and it's always possible to begin again.

We've also made a few changes for the new year, one of which has already taken place. Our new comment box below.  We hope this will encourage everyone to comment, since we'll be able to "talk" back individually.  As before comments are unmoderated, so I hope everyone feels free to share whatever they are feeling.  ETA:  Just as an FYI, you'll only be able to see the comment box if you're "in" the post.  This can be accomplished by clicking on the post title.  Thanks!

So, what song reminds you of new beginnings. And won't you please share what your goals/dreams for the upcoming year?

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